A Dream Is A Gift Meant To Be Opened

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-opening-special-present-box-gift-magical-effects-lights-image33373856You were born with the gift of dreaming and at one time in your life probably had a lot of fun with it. Then maybe like so many people, you started to “grow up”.  You hit that point where it felt like it was time to get more serious about your life and “be more realistic”. That’s when you put this amazing gift back in its little box as if you were too old to play anymore.

Decisions became based on common sense, from a place of thought and reasoning vs. a place of feeling and intuition. You can’t dream big on common sense and being more realistic is just plain boring. It’s a toxic combination in dream work.

Common sense, or fear in disguise, is the exact opposite of faith and the worst enemy of dreams come true. The phrase “be more realistic” screams limitation and lack, it’s code for “don’t get your hopes up pal.”

Many people never allow themselves to dream because they fear what might happen, or worse, what might NOT happen. They become a slave to fear and do nothing. Nothing guarantees failure more than doing nothing.

Once a fear is developed and reinforced, it becomes difficult to dream beyond it. The dream making process is shut down before it even gets started. Thoughts of failure, disappointment and what others will think hold too many people back from what they truly dream of. It’s so tragic to me.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone had the courage to go for their big dream? Just think…

…there may be a person who dreams of becoming a doctor, but too afraid to pursue it. They fear they won’t have the determination or stamina to make it. They could be the doctor that discovers a cure for cancer….

…Or maybe there’s a person that dreams of being a spiritual teacher but fears what their family will think. They might be the person that shifts enlightenment to help thousands of people live a more purposeful life…

…How about the next great artist, musician, author, engineer, scientist…so many gifts just waiting to emerge but all held back by fear. Every person is here to make a contribution to impact the world in a brighter, better way. I’m determined to help as many as I can make that big dream come true.

So, what is being more realistic really costing you? Do you have a dream tucked away in your someday box? What gifts do you have waiting to emerge? When would now be the right time to release them?

There’s a story of a man who arrived in heaven.  As he toured Heaven seeing all that it had to offer, he noticed a large building in the distance. It was as tall as his eye could see. When he asked what was in the building, an Angel replied it was of no concern to him now. This made the man very curious. He could not stop wondering what was in the building. He couldn’t take the guessing, he ran to see what was inside. Once inside, he saw rows and rows of shelves stacked as high as he could see. Each shelf was lined with thousands of white boxes, each tied with a pretty red bow. The man quickly noticed each box had a name tag.  He ran to find out if there was a box with his name on it.  The man feverishly climbed the shelf and found his box.  The Angel appeared and when the man asked what was in the box, the Angel sadly replied it was of no concern to him now. The Angel tried to stop him, explaining it would only make him sad to see inside the box.  The man’s curiosity was too strong, he opened the box anyway.  Inside he found…his amazing gift-all the dreams he never pursued. And now, it was too late for him.

Life goes by very quickly when you’re having fun but it is much too long when you’re not living your dream. Every moment is so precious. Why not make your heaven on earth and manifest what has already been destined for you?

What could be worse than wondering many years from now what would have happened had you given it a shot?  Don’t leave your dreams tucked away in your someday box. Release them, proclaim and own what is already yours. Feel beyond your fears and take a step toward your dream.

Your dreams were given to you as a gift. All you have to do is ask, with desire, and they are sure to come true. Anyone can dream and anyone can imagine what might be if they only allow themselves to. Will you?

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