The Waiting Game

WaitingHave you ever played the game of waiting and felt impatient? We’ve all been there. I know I’ve been Queen of Impatience myself many, many times. See if you can relate to “The Waiting Game”.

You know the drill. You know what you want. You’ve put your thoughts into actions. You’re ready, you’re excited. And now….you wait. You wait for it to show up.

And you wait…

And you wait…

And you wait…


Yes waiting can be challenging and darn right frustrating. If you knew for a fact you would get what you really want no matter what, would it make waiting any easier? (uh-huh!)

Hopefully you said a big yes!  It’s not the waiting that’s difficult. It’s when we combine waiting with wondering if you’ll get what you really want-that’s when it gets difficult. And that is what resistance does, it makes everything more difficult and it takes all the fun out of things!

As Rumi said “what you seek is seeking you”.

That means what you want wants you, and even better, it’s coming toward you at this very moment. It’s like a long lost friend coming to reunite with you.

When you create resistance, you wait….longer and sometimes forever depending on how much resistance you’ve created toward what you really want. If your long lost friend was coming to see you and you kept moving but didn’t tell them the address they would have a hard time showing up at your doorstep. You certainly wouldn’t spend your time and energy wondering where they are or what is taking so long right? Manifesting what you want is really not any different.

What you seek is seeking you. So stay in your happy place and let it come to you.  Allow yourself to plan on getting what you want. Don’t worry or pay any attention to when, how or how soon. Just trust the universe is sending it to you—guaranteed! The less resistance you create, the faster it will show up for you. (and not always the exact way you visualize, usually even better)

Your #1 job in this process is to stay in your happy place. Visualize and FEEL- when you get what you really want, how will you respond, how will you feel? Create the scene in your mind or write it out like a story-and then do whatever you can to stay in that HAPPY FEELING vibration all day, every day…until it shows up for you…AND IT WILL! The universe has your happy place address and it’s sending all your dreams to you there!

Happy manifesting!