The Sneaky Culprit


Do you know the #1 reason why ambitious women fail to awaken their big dream and claim ALL the abundance they are pre-destined to have?

It’s not lack of skill, lack of passion, lack of support or even lack of money. It’s usually the presence of something else.

It’s so common it’s ridiculous and not only that, it’s so common that many women don’t even realize they have it. This sneaky culprit worms its way in and feeds off your big dream! (UGH)

Think about the area of your life you’d most like to impact right now.

  • Love/relationships
  • Finance/money
  • Business/career
  • Health/weight

Ok, got it?? Now visualize what you want to have happen in that area of your life. Can you see it??

Close your eyes and think about making it happen, right now, take a deep breath and totally focus in on the possibilities-really allow yourself to see it, really feel it….what do you feel?

Initially you probably feel excited, hopeful, happy, energized. (I hope!) The whole point of having a big dream is to really feel “alive” so of course feeling any of those things completely makes sense.

So why do so many ambitious women push off their big dream, the very thing that brings a smile to their face as they first open their eyes in the morning? Why do they tuck it away in their someday box?

Self-limiting beliefs.

That’s right, and there’s usually one main self-limiting belief that silently sabotages you from pursuing your big dream or drives you to quit before you reach your dream destiny…it pops in all sneaky-like usually affecting you on a deep subconscious level…GRRRRR!!!

Which means that self-limiting belief can hold you back from making more money, feeling more love & connection, bringing a business to life, hitting your weight-loss goals or in other ways you may not even consciously realize. (I told you they’re sneaky!)

To help you uncover if this might be the case for you, I thought I’d share the Sneaky Top 25 Self-Limiting Beliefs so many women I work with have lived with and OVERCOME. (it’s not as hard as you think)

  1. I don’t know what I want.
  2. It’s too late to pursue my dreams.
  3. I don’t need a lot of money.
  4. I’m not enough (smart enough, talented, rich, thin, etc).
  5. If I try I will fail.
  6. You have to have money to make money.
  7. I’ve already tried everything and nothing has worked.
  8. It’s selfish of me to want more.
  9. I don’t feel I really deserve it.
  10. I don’t have the willpower.
  11. I have to work hard and sacrifice to get what I want.
  12. If people really knew me, they wouldn’t accept me.
  13. I should be farther along than I am.
  14. Things will never work out for me.
  15. I can’t be happy until the relationship/career is different.
  16. I shouldn’t put my needs before others’.
  17. I don’t have time.
  18. I’ll never make enough money.
  19. I always have to struggle, while others have it easier.
  20. I’m confused.
  21. I’m too sensitive.
  22. I’m afraid to get my hopes up.
  23. I don’t have what I need.
  24. I’m afraid of what people will say.
  25. I’ve already failed in the past.

Did any of these statements strike a nerve? Did you say, “uh-ohhh, I say that all the time” or “oh boy, that one is totally me!”?? It’s time to take your dream destiny into your own hands by dissolving the beliefs that are sneaky-sabotaging your abundance and happiness.

How do you know if you have a self-limiting belief? If you are feeling some way you don’t like feeling, you are probably believing something that does not support you. It will feel limiting, heavy, restricting or like it weighs on you.

At this point, if you’re feeling this way, you’re probably wondering, “How do I get rid of these sneaky buggers?” If you recognize any of these self-limiting beliefs in yourself, take note:

  1. Playing the blame game for these beliefs doesn’t help, so be compassionate-to yourself and to others.
  1. These beliefs are not facts, not the truth, just beliefs.
  1. These beliefs are not carved in stone, they can be changed; you’re not stuck with them.

What is a belief?
It is a perception of reality, or something you were told that you accepted as truth. Somewhere, someone told you something-and you believed it.

If it was positive and aligned with what your heart desires, it will build you up-perfect! (Buttttt, that’s not the type of belief we’re talking about here.)

If a belief does not feel good, it’s not a self-supporting belief. It will limit you from creating all the abundance you deserve and will keep your big dream locked up in your someday box. (forget that way!)

If you’re ready to go deeper and kick your self-limiting beliefs to the curb, I’d love to take you through a free strategy session to unlock your someday box. We’ll pin point your self-limiting beliefs so you can release that ugly energy and move beyond to the other side-your journey to Dreamland awaits! To get started, use this link to schedule NOW!

A quick tip: Become highly aware of your feelings. If you’re feeling anything less than wonderful, if you’re feeling tense, anxious, grumps or down in the dumps, you’re probably focusing on what you don’t want (rather than what you do want). When you notice that, catch yourself, then refocus on whatever it was that you listed earlier that you DO want and replace your thought with something better.

Done “Snoozing”, Time To Awaken

When I was young, I began receiving spontaneous messages and intuitive feelings on things. These feelings would pop in about people in my life as much as for myself, leaving me confused because I didn’t understand what they were or what they meant. I didn’t believe I had any spiritual gifts at that time so that thought never even crossed my mind. Truth be told, most of my life reflected hardship and pain. (what did I know about spiritual healing??)

It was all so confusing, most of the time I thought I was making things up! I had no idea how to interpret what I was feeling and it felt heavy at times, then other times so clear, light and happy. For most of my life I pushed this intuitive direction away, ignoring all the wisdom it held for me.

It was not until much later in my life that I saw myself as a healer and author, although it was not something I shared openly. I didn’t feel ready or qualified to awaken to my mission, but I was learning that the hardship and pain I had experienced was the way through to the other side for me.

I treated my insights like a hobby, dabbling, only sharing with people close to me, but the thought of stepping out in the world and proclaiming I was a healer (and charging for it) terrified me. (surely someone would laugh at me or think I had gone crazy) I didn’t quite realize the depth of this Divine voice. (that it was more than my wishing it was what it felt like)

What I was doing was the equivalent of pushing the “snooze button” on my spiritual alarm clock. I had to work on releasing all the fears that kept me from feeling confident in my lightworker abilities. The more I released, the more my gifts emerged and became accessible on demand. I began refining my innate spiritual gifts, psychic communication skills and spiritual healing abilities.

I discovered as soon as I committed to following my life purpose, doors opened up for me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. In miraculous ways things happened I could never have planned for, everything in my visions became a reality. I was pleasantly delighted on a daily basis with spiritual signs, cues that I was on the right track and my mission was to help others shine brightly as they were born to do.

I accepted the many signs, signals and messages from spiritual mentors, guides and angels that I am here to help with the great awakening of humanity.

I am here to help others remember they are whole and not broken. To teach them how to heal and restore their spiritual perfection, bringing presence to their limiting beliefs to shift their energy and release all that no longer serves them.

One of my favorite ways I help others, is to neutralize the negative energy that stems from past experiences. Working together we cut the ties that bind them to this energy. This is why I commonly hear how much lighter someone feels after working with me.

They quickly if not instantly see and feel a difference in their life. Things start to fall into place very effortlessly, abundance seems to appear out of nowhere. I receive fabulous emails and texts like this one:

“I don’t know if it was that talk we had last eve but things are all of a sudden happening??? Coincidence? So many cool things happening, it’s so unusual. Anyway, I’m feeling very happy today.”

Negative energy has a heavy, dense feeling to it. It’s very draining, something you drag around with you making your progress feel slow. You may feel as if the harder you work, the farther you feel from your goal or dream, abundance feels scarce and you may feel stuck in your stuff.

Negative energy has a way of muddling your memory of your own brilliance. I’m here to remind you of that brilliance, that you are whole, spiritual perfection. I’ve walked in your shoes and personally overcome similar things so I get where you’re at, what you’re feeling. I get how it can suck the life out of you and feelings of overwhelm can set in. (That is not why you are here)

What’s your biggest challenge, fear or frustration? Whatever it is, I can tell you there is a way to come through and be better for it. It may be the path to reveal your own spiritual gifts. You were put here to be abundant in every way, suffering is not your destiny.

If you’d like to discuss or evaluate your abundance (happiness, joy, relationships, inspiration, time, money, resources, etc) contact me for a free angelic abundance session at  (I’d love to talk with you!)

Until then, NOURISH your spirit and be well!Spiritual Awakening