Smile Like A Lightbulb

Smiling For EnergyDid you know you can boost your energy from something as simple as smiling?

Unfortunately, most of us don’t smile enough. We spend the day with a scowl or frown on our face without even realizing it. (Are you smiling right now?)

Some of us without mentioning any names (me) have even been accused of BRF. As in…“bitchy-resting-face”. People ask me what’s wrong. I don’t seem to realize how “hard” I’m thinking about things I need to get done apparently!

Too many women don’t smile enough or they don’t smile authentically. They paste on their smile as they say “I’m fine”. (“I’m fine” stands for “things suck but I don’t want to admit it because I may crumble”-check out this awesome video on the “f-word”)

Here’s a hideous statistic.

Kids smile 400 times per day. (That’s not the hideous part, wait for it…here it is)…Adults only smile 20 times per day. Whaat? Only 20 times per day? That’s pathetic.

If your smile was measured in watts and radiated like a lightbulb (which it does)…that’s 400 watts for the kiddos down to 20 for all of us “wise” adults…uh, barely enough to light up a room!

You can actually trick your mind into a happier state, just by making yourself smile. That means smiling changes your mood instantly! (and usually those around you)

When things go right for you, it’s probably very easy to smile. Of course there will be times when you don’t feel like smiling, but I’m telling you to do it anyway! You will feel instantly better.

Smiling activates more things to smile about. I promise. You don’t need to wait for a reason to smile. It should actually be that you smile for no reason. To get the real energy affects from smiling, make it genuine, heartfelt.

When you need to shift your vibe follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Breathe, with awareness on your heart energy. 2) Connect to your heart beat as you experience one of your heart’s emotion, like love, joy, happiness, appreciation, gratitude, etc. Connect to a warm memory, feel it, be in that moment. Pause in that breath, in that feeling. 3) As you exhale, allow your smile to rise up from your heart to your lips.

See, you feel strangely better right? Try to think of something negative without losing your smile. It’s not that easy. Smiling keeps you positive. It also increases your vibration and shifts your energy. You are instantly more attractive in the Universe.

At first you may feel silly, smiling “on demand” but it’s worth it. People take notice…and they smile back.

People will notice you more, say hello, compliment you and yes, they may even strike up a conversation with you. The more you smile, the more energized you feel and it transfers to those around you.

Smiling is also good for your looks. (a scowl certainly isn’t?!) A smile makes you more attractive. It makes you look and feel younger. What could be better than that?

Worried about developing “crow’s feet”? People with “crow’s feet” or wrinkles at the corners of their eyes are found to be more approachable. Studies show dogs, babies and adults are drawn to people that are smiling. (Who wants to approach an old scowly face?)

The benefits go on…smiling releases endorphins, serotonin and reduces your blood pressure, improves your immune system, relieves stress…oh my goodness, it’s a natural and free way to improve your biology!

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” -Paramahansa Yogananda

I know I have a much brighter day when I smile. Good things just seem to happen, I’m offered free or unexpected discounts on products and services when I’m out, people open doors for me and everything around me just seems to flow.

Yes, smiling activates those good things for me and it will work for you too. It’s the energy you transmit with your smile that attracts good things. (you radiate light!)

It’s energizing to think that you can influence more good things simply by smiling! You set the tone for your day expecting great things to happen. Go ahead and test it out, smiling more never fails to bring more joy to you.

Check yourself throughout the day and see what you notice. Smiling?…or frowning? 400 watts or 20 watts? If you’re scowling or frowning, turn that frown upside down and SMILE bright like a light bulb!!

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