Quick Tip

So much to do, so little time?? Not so my friend. Actually, there’s plenty of time when you take action on what is best for you in this moment. Inspired action is the key to making real progress on what you want.

Feeling stuck  or overwhelmed on what to do next, what step to take, what project to work on?

Quick Tip: This simple exercise takes just 5 seconds. You can do it every morning to connect with source energy.

As you first start to wake in the morning, between being fully asleep and fully awake, ask your Higher Self for guidance.

As you lie in bed, think about the number one goal that is most important to you right now. Then ask quietly inside before you even open your eyes: “What can I do today to move me closer to my goal?” Simply be quiet and wait for the answer to come.

You may find you have an “a-ha moment” where an idea pops in, or an action you can take comes through, maybe one you had not even considered before. The answer may pop in later in your day. It may come through as a message in something you’re reading, a conversation you overhear or someone may suggest something to you out of the blue that is a direct answer to the question you asked in the morning. It may even take a few days, but trust and give it time, be aware.

No matter the timing, the universe always delivers on what you need. Just be sure to ask and then let go and trust that all will be provided for you. Even if your answers don’t show up right away, give it time, be patient and you’ll soon receive the guidance you seek.


Your Higher Self Will Show You The Way

www.bigdreamawakening.comYour dream is all about you, what you truly want deep down inside. Listening to other people or the critic in your head is not going to bring your dream to life.

Today let’s talk about the importance of connecting with your Higher Self to ask for and receive the guidance you need on your journey.

The answers you seek to move forward in your dream are within you. You have an inner wisdom you can access at any time to show you the way.

All the distractions life brings causes many women to lose touch with their Higher Self and as a result they begin to doubt their own judgment and their worth. They start to seek answers from outside and other people in their decision making. What’s wrong with that? Ask three people what you should do and you’ll probably get three different answers.

When we feel unsure we weigh out the answers from a thinking place, based on reason and feeling the need to be practical. Unfortunately using that method may not create the result or outcome you truly want. This can cause slow progress, extra challenge and setbacks.

Are you’re feeling like you have more challenge in your life than flow? Has decision making become tedious or does it cause anxiety for you? Then it may be due to this “thinking” type of approach.

With practice and awareness you can increase the volume of your “inner guidance system”. The more you practice how to tune-in to your intuitive guidance, your Higher Self, the faster you’ll receive answers that serve you with the best actions to take and better yet, the faster your life will transform-the faster you’ll get to feel good.

So how do you know if it’s your Higher Self or what we call “source energy” guiding you? Your Higher Self loves you and wants what is best for you-always. The messages (inner dialogue) you receive will feel supportive, positive, encouraging and comforting, you’ll feel better or lighter in some way. Ex. “All is well, for now you need to rest and reflect, then the answers will come”.

Nothing negative ever comes from Source. Take caution of the “other voice” some people experience that has a negative tone and typically makes you feel bad in some way. Ex. “I can’t believe you cannot figure this out, you’re so clueless”. This is the voice of the critic and it’s important to realize this is not your Higher Self talking.  Stay clear of the critic, it does not serve you.

If you’re feeling disconnected from your Higher Self, you can easily open the line for communication until it flows for your easily on demand. Tune-in by taking a few quiet moments each day to clear your mind.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths or go for a gratitude walk outdoors. Do something that calms your spirit and then be quiet and listen. The more you allow your Higher Self to guide you, the faster things will align to help you get what you want.

Wigged Out

Young woman with fingers crossed at home

“I am soooo wigged out and can’t seem to get it under control. I am asking you to suggest what I can do to help. We put in an offer to purchase a piece of property across the street from us for our son to live in. I just sent in the offer to purchase. But you know how that goes, they have to present that to the Bank and they have to approve one way or the other. I am beside myself since people are looking at that property left and right!!! I am at work today and can’t seem to concentrate and I did talk to my angels asking for them to please help in sealing this deal for us. I don’t know if they can do that for us but I asked anyway. What can I ask of the universe and how can I try to calm down. I’m practically nuts!!! Thanks for any help you can give me!!”

I can totally understand and appreciate how you’re feeling. There will always be times in life when we truly want something so badly that the thought of not having it feels like heartbreak. We need to understand and trust that the universe will always provide what is best for us, it will always be granted, whether it fulfills what we want or not.  It’s a learned skill to become unattached to the outcome and trust that what happens is what is meant to be for us. Wishing harder, worrying and fretting will only cause needless suffering. The quest of going for what we want is meant to be joyful and exciting or really it will only amount to a fear of loss. How can you lose something you haven’t yet gained? I encourage you to dance with the possibilities but remain joyful for where you are and what you currently have. If it is meant to be yours it will, if it’s meant for someone else then trust there is something even better for you. Would you want less then that?

Ask. Release. Trust. Be.

I hope that helps. I’d say good luck but you don’t need it with the universe on your side. (And it always is)
-Love and light, Nicole