Let Your Music Play

One of my greatest teachers, Wayne Dyer

One of my greatest teachers, Wayne Dyer

“Don’t die with your music still in you.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Today, with the world talking about the loss of a great soul, I’m reflecting on who I was the first time I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer speak.

It was a chiropractic seminar in Chicago at least ten years ago. I don’t know that I even recognize the person I was then and although he had been enlightening people for many years, I had not heard of Wayne Dyer at that time.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I felt stuck in my life, trapped by circumstances, unaware I had the power to change any of it even though I so badly wanted to. I always had a feeling there had to be more to life. I wanted to believe I was meant for greater things, I just didn’t know how to connect the dots to get me there.

As I sat and listened to him speak, his message grabbed hold of my heart. It felt like I had been zapped with electricity but in a very good way. I felt a shift, suddenly there was a bright light on my future. The shadows lifted and I was bursting with inspiration as I took notes. Possibilities that felt real began to emerge.

A longing for something I’d never had in my life before was now feeling within my grasp – according to what he shared with us, control of the direction of my life’s course was mine for the taking.

I had a craving for more of the energy he was transmitting. It awakened something special within me. Not realizing it, I left that day on a mission to change my life.

I wanted what he said was possible. I wanted to be in charge of my destiny, to manifest what I set my heart on, to feel confident, deserving of asking and receiving more from life.

Well, mission accomplished. Since then I’ve transformed who I am on the inside and my life has changed on the outside as a result.

I’ve listened to Dr. Dyer more times than I can ever count. To hear of his passing was sad, and there are many that will miss him as I will. Funny as I was typing that sentence, I typed passion instead of passing. Even still he brings a higher energy and passion describes him better anyway. Ha.

Really let his quote sink in for a moment. “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

Your “music”, as in your message, your essence, your dream.

What is “your music”? What is your dream? What stirs inside you that you wish to accomplish?

The world needs to hear you, see you and experience the love you have to give.

This is your time to bring your dream forth.

There are so many reasons to push off your dream for another day, so many things that can feel more urgent, more important but the truth is, nothing is more important than to fulfill the reason you are here.

To give the gifts you came here to give.

To receive the abundance that was blessed upon you before you arrived.

To experience all the fullness life has to give you.

You are not just here to work, clean the house and pay the bills. You have great purpose here, a calling, a mission, a vision – call it whatever you want, it’s all the same.

It’s something “more”. It’s larger than life, bigger than problems and more meaningful than to-do lists.

Don’t put your dream off another day. Step out and claim it. This day is what matters, not tomorrow. Tomorrow will matter eventually.

Without taking that step toward your dream today, nothing changes.

Whether it’s working with kids, volunteering to help animals in need, donating your time to seniors, starting your own business, writing that book that swims around in your mind or starting a blog to share your view on something important and close to your heart.

It all counts, it all matters. And it all makes a difference. It makes the world a better place when a dreamer fulfills a dream. It shifts the vibe in the universe, it elevates and benefits everyone.

Dr. Wayne Dyer proved that. He let his music play and changed many lives because of it, thankfully mine included.

My music is to help you awaken your dreams, to work with you to design a personal plan that creates the time and space for your dreams to blossom.

Because it’s easy to let another day go by and tell yourself tomorrow will be the day you begin. And another and another.

What are you waiting for? What do you tell yourself that keeps you from fulfilling your dreams?

Write out what you think stands in your way. Then take each reason and put a positive spin on it.

And if you get stuck and can’t seem to find a way to make it work for you instead of against you, I’m here. I promise I can help open your mind to the possibilities that hide in plain view.

You have to believe it to see it. If you can see it in your mind’s eye, it is absolutely possible to see it appear in your life.

Don’t let another day go by without your dream.

This is your time dreamer.

Now let your music play.

And to Dr. Wayne Dyer, thank you for being you, for making me see openings where I once saw walls and for teaching me that anything is possible if I really, really, really, really want it. I am grateful to have been blessed by your enlightened soul and your beautiful music. RIP.

Obstacles Offer Clarity

Obstacles are stepping stonesIt’s easy to resist what speaks your truth.

You can ignore or disregard what screams for your attention, maybe if you don’t acknowledge it, it will go away.

Because acknowledging it means you have to do something about it. And it feels too big to deal with.

But the harder you fight it, the louder it will speak in your life.

There is great wisdom revealed for you when you choose to see it.

Do you see it or shut it out? Do you allow the feeling messages to guide you or have you been resisting?

Unknowingly, you create obstacles for yourself that eat up your time, jumble your thoughts, twist your emotions and drain your vital energy – that distract you from this great wisdom.

You tell yourself you cannot be, do or have what you truly want because of this obstacle. You tell this story over and over until this obstacle feels too big to overcome.

What seems to be blocking you from getting what you want often times is the way to what you want.

It can feel like a giant boulder blocking your path, when in fact, it’s the stepping stone you need to help you get where you want to go and be who you want to be.

This obstacle has purpose for you. There is a reason it continues to grab your attention.

Getting out from under the weight of this obstacle will help you get better perspective on what you feel most passionate about.

When would now be the right time to dust off your dream and make it sparkle again?

Schedule a free Awaken Your Passion Consultation and get clear on the obstacles that hold great wisdom for you. Get the clarity you need for your dream work.

Keeping A Sunny Outlook

I was asked recently if it was ok to say…”life sucks right now”.

Umm, yes. Yes it is ok to say that.

Yes, sometimes “life sucks” is the best way to sum up how you’re feeling in the moment.

If you’re nodding your head, then you know what I mean and you may even be letting out a breath of relief?! Finally, someone said it and made it ok.

Are you surprised I’m telling you it’s ok? Read on Sunshine.

I said sometimes because not every day is that bad. There are levels to the suckiness of life…there’s a “suckitude scale” for everything. It’s when those days run on and on because of something you’re dealing with or a dream fell through…that’s when things move up on the suckitude scale and get the rating of “life sucks”.

What I have noticed is most women are afraid to admit to themselves or anyone else when they feel sucky. I know this so well because, hello, I’m a woman and I have worked with so many women just like me!

Here’s what we do…we wipe on a happy face so no one will know how sucky we really feel inside, we pretend we’re happy or…we hide.

We hide because we don’t want to have to fake it until we make it or say things like, this too shall pass. We just want to feel what we feel. Not forever, just for a few breaths or until the sun comes up tomorrow.

What we really want is for a friend to say it’s ok, they get it, that yes it does suck, it’s unfair, it’s not right but that everything will be ok and mostly, it wasn’t our fault because we deserve better.

So I’m telling you to be that friend for yourself in those times. Just fall into how you’re feeling – but only with the understanding that you’re NOT staying there, you’re just embracing your emotions.

By doing so, you acknowledge your feelings so you can make the adjustment to a better feeling.

Now, I’m definitely not promoting that life sucks and I’m not encouraging you to go out and be a rainy cloud, I’m just being real.

Not every moment is happy-go-lucky. There’s way too many factors and variables out of our control in this world to be able to maintain that kind of emotional state.

However, you can maintain a sunny outlook even while your energy and emotions wobble and waiver.

You can start by saying to yourself… “this sucks, but I want to feel good.” Now shift your thought from what “sucks” and move it to what feels good.

Think of something that makes you feel good, anything, doesn’t matter what it is. It could be the sun in the sky (love that one), a beautiful bird outside, your child, your pet, whatever makes you feel a little bit better.

Place your hand over your heart, focus all your attention to your feel good thing and take a deep breath. Keep your focus there for at least 20 seconds, or a round of 4 deep breaths.

Continue to do this until you feel a lift in your spirit, a lighter and brighter outlook. It really does work and you can do it as often as needed until the sucky mess you’re dealing with passes.

Dreams come true when you feel good. When you feel good inside, you start to see your dream on the outside.

And if you just can’t get there on your own, apply for an energy scan to see what’s clouding your view. Let’s release what’s holding your dream captive and get you to a sunny day again.

Remember, even on gloomy, cloudy days, the sun shines brightly behind the clouds. You’re always shining, just some days it peeks through brighter than others.

Shine on my friend!

Nicole xo


Is your inner child tugging on your heart?

There’s something about hot weather that makes my inner child smile. She wants to come out and play!

I suppose it’s because I grew up on a lake. Hot weather meant swimming! (That’s “little me” on the right)

Every day was filled with joy, surprises, laughing and playing in nature. 🌿

No shyness, no shame, no structure-just unlimited play fueled by innocent curiosity. Bliss!!💕

I lose sight of that sometimes. Everything becomes structured, planned, no play.

And it gets heavy, carrying around all those structured thoughts.

Is your inner child tugging on your heart because this is your life lately?

How can you have more joy and play in your daily life?

Connect with your inner child-what does she want? What makes her smile and laugh? What brings her joy?💜

You have every right to more joy and play. It’s what helps you feel good.

And dreams come true when you feel good.

Have a FUN and JOY-FULL weekend everyone! Let me know what you’re up to?!! Leave a comment below.


Good morning Beautiful

Good morning beautiful being!

When was the last time you paused to acknowledge your divine beauty? When was the last time you looked yourself right in the eyes in the mirror and said out loud…”you are beautiful”?

Sadly if you’re like most people, the answer may be…never. Well, that all changes today.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul yet we rarely pause and look deep into our own eyes.

When we look in the mirror, we are usually focused on our hair, make up, clothes, etc. and skip over making eye contact. By doing so, we diminish our presence.

Many people also rarely compliment themselves on their appearance let alone their energetic presence. Instead their critical eye goes to what they feel are “flaws” instantly lowering their vibration.

You are not flawed dear one, in any way, shape or form. You are divine perfection!

To get more of what you really want…you must love yourself and appreciate your beauty. By doing so you proclaim your worth. You instantly shift your energy and expand your possibilities.

Next time you’re in front of the mirror, pause, look yourself right in the eye and tell yourself-out loud-“you are beautiful”.

Note when you first do this, it will feel awkward and maybe even silly, but continue to do this every day. Over time, it will feel natural not awkward.

When you acknowledge your energetic beauty, everything about you will be enhanced. You will transform before your very own eyes and the world will see you differently as well.

When you carry yourself more brilliantly, others take notice and this experience you call life will reward you in more wonderous ways than you can ever dream of!


Off to work?

Started my morning off with a tasty treat from Starbucks this morning. Something I like to do now and then.

The woman working the window was exceptionally friendly, (always a plus!) in fact she chatted with me the entire time I waited for my oh-so-yummy-latte.

She asked if I was on my way to work. I said, yes I am. And then I was a bit surprised when she said-“Ohhh, I’m sorry.”

I did a double take.

I felt a giant smile come across my face, then I replied, “no, it’s okay, I don’t mind at all.”

In return she seemed SUPER surprised and said, “so you actually like your job?”

(Me) – “Yes! I do. Very much.”

“Oh, what do you do?”

I said, “I’m a personal coach”.

“Ohhh, I’ve heard of that” then she asked where I work. I proudly gave her my card and we chit chatted about a few other things before my coffee arrived and we said our goodbyes. As I drove away she was inspecting my card. Perhaps I’ll hear from her again. Ha.

As I drove along, I thought about how surprised she was that I said I enjoy my work. It dawned on me – she must not hear that very often. This was obvious by her “I’m sorry” comment.

I wondered how many people drive thru her window each morning dreading where they’re going when they drive off, not liking their j-o-b, hoping somehow the cup of coffee will brighten their morning enough to get through the day. I found it sad.

It also hit me how so many people see “work” as something bad, something that takes away their joy and happiness instead of what provides it. That’s really awful when you consider we spend forty hours a week, 48 weeks a year, for up to 50 years—not including traveling time, and the time we spend in our heads thinking about work.

That’s a huge chunk of your life spent in misery if you don’t enjoy what you do for a living.

How are you supposed to manifest anything joyful if you’re miserable most of the time?

Do you beat your way through your week counting down the minutes to “TGIF”? Is Wednesday your breath of “almost there”? Do you feel free on Friday and depressed by Sunday evening at the thought of going back to “that place”.

We take for granted that work is a major part of our lives—in fact, for many people, it’s the primary aspect of our lives. We define ourselves, and other people, by our job roles—‘So what do you do?’—and measure our happiness in terms of how successful we are in these roles by title and salary.

Is this all you were born for? Is this really what your life should be about?

Hell no.

Unless you’re like me and your dream has evolved into your work, and your work is your life’s mission. I’m blessed, I’ve found a way to turn my heart’s desire into a way to help other women live happier and freer and using my spiritual gifts into a way of life. It’s never work for me, it’s always my passion at play.

Having your own business is not for everyone. But finding a job or career that you like and enjoy is possible for anyone and it’s possible for you if you don’t currently have that.

I’m no different than anyone else. I have been in jobs that were challenging. I’ve worked with negative co-workers. I’ve worked for awful, unfair and demanding bosses.

However – no matter where I’ve been, I found a way to make my own zen internally. Everything from a positive message for myself on a post-it, a walk outside at lunch, exchanging bad jokes with my work buddies to my favorite dab of essential oil on my wrist.

Feeling bad because of work is not acceptable because you spend too much of your time working!

Look my friend, happiness is not about the money and it’s not about the title. The magic to true happiness is being what you seek to find no matter what you’re doing-working or playing. When you “be” happiness, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it’s all good! And one minute feeling bad because of your j-o-b is much too long.

So, do you LOVE your job? Why or why not? Or do you wish more than anything you were doing something else for a living? Leave a comment below. Ready to explore finding another “something” to do for a living? Apply for a strategy session.

I have a favor…

I have a mission!

Help me reach more women so they can FEEL GOOD!

Hello Lady friends,
I have a mission to wipe out self-doubt from the heart of every woman on the planet. WOW – that’s a huge mission right?

It’s my mission because I know how sabotaging and crushing self-doubt is, I know how bad it feels. (Yeah, I’ve been there, done that) I get the internal battle.

That’s why I founded Big Dream Awakening, to create easy strategies to help you not just win the battle but conquer and reign forevermore.

I see too many women moving through their life feeling less than enough, feeling down on their accomplishments, feeling on the verge of throwing in the towel, falling short from the life they truly dream of.

And it stirs a burning desire inside my heart to make the pain for those women stop. I want to help-I must help my sister-friends see their tremendous beauty, inside and out.

I realize I cannot do it alone. I cannot do it if my message doesn’t speak to the hearts of women, if my message never reaches the women who are praying for an answer. They will continue to feel alone, lost and broken.

So I have a favor. I was hoping to get your feedback on my new home page.

If you have a moment, would you visit my website www.bigdreamawakening.com and send me your “feeling” on it by PM, my contact page or email nicole@bigdreamawakening.com

And if you like what you feel, opt in for my free feel good NOW tips at the top of the page as my gift to you. (you can opt out at any time, but I hope you’ll stick around to play!)

You’ll get even more awesome feel good tips delivered right to your inbox that you can use anywhere, anytime.

Oh and as for my mission, if you know a woman who is feeling bad from self-doubt, I get it, I’m here and I want to help, I want her to know she is NOT broken. Please share my website with her, maybe it will help her find what she needs to shine again.

Thank you sister-friend. Shine on!

Nicole xoxo