The No Complaining Rule

It’s DETOX TUESDAY – Let’s focus on one of my favorite topics.


No, not because I like to complain, but because I find it annoying, a waste of my breath and a total energy vampire.

But, I have been found guilty of complaining more than I care to admit.

I know it can be hard not to get caught up in it like a sticky web. One thought leads to another until you feel covered in negative energy with no way out.

There is a better way. Just stop doing it!

You’re probably thinking “easy for you to say Nicole, but I’m surrounded by negative complainers.”

For example….

You walk into the lunch room at work and over hear a group complaining about the boss in the corner….

You head back to your desk to find…

Your friend called and left a 3 minute voicemail complaining about what a rotten day she’s having. (always a pick me up!)…

Just then your co-worker pops in your office to unload about an annoying customer they just had to deal with…

Then you get an email, it’s the customer complaining about the co-worker that was just in your office….

It’s time to head home…thank goodness right?

You stop at the store and the clerk starts complaining about how it’s been so busy she didn’t get her break today…

While the person behind you in line is complaining the clerk is talking too much…

You finally get home and decide to watch a little tv to block out your day…only to find nothing but reality tv where everyone is complaining about everyone else on the show…

Your mind is drenched with the poison of the day….

You’ve hit your breaking point….you tried to stay positive but you’ve slipped into the quicksand – your mind starts rattling off all kinds of negative thoughts….you’re too hot, then too cold, too hungry but too tired to cook, broke, bored, completely underpaid and totally overwhelmed.

Sound familiar?

I know all too well how easy and viral complaining is and how it zaps your energy.

I have worked places where I literally had no friends because I stopped complaining with them.

You would think they would want to join me and talk about fun things, but somehow I became the boring one. I was quickly left behind when it was chat time because I only had positive things to say and refused to buy into the drama. Wow right?!!

Long ago I had started a new job and quickly realized the chair next to my desk must have been the hot seat for daily complainers to come and unload to the person that worked there before me.

I didn’t want to deal with that all day! So I put up a no complaining zone poster at my desk. The next day I came in to find people actually drew faces on it? (keep in mind these were grown adults that did this!) I stood my ground and left the poster up.

I told my daily visitors in order to sit at my desk, they had to pick an affirmation card and tell me how it applied to their life- after all it was a “no complaining zone”.

At first they laughed at me. But when they saw my conviction, it started to work. After a few weeks, most everyone actually came to my desk for their daily card and positive thought.

And would you believe the ones that stopped coming to my desk were either fired or they wound up quitting. (I just love how the Universe removes what is not serving you.)

I would much rather be laughed at and known for my positivity than be Miss Popular because I have the best complaints.

Complaining lowers your vibration.

It makes you feel like nothing is going your way. You may even start to believe the world is against you! And, you’ll start to attract people and situations that prove you right.

But it’s not. The Universe is absolutely for you. And so am I.

That’s why today-I’m enforcing “THE NO COMPLAINING RULE”.

For every complaint you hear from someone else or from yourself today, turn it into a positive statement. Take a stand. If not out loud – at least in your own mind.

We need more positivity in the world. Will you join me?

There are so many positive people who wonder if they are the only ones craving positivity…you are not alone if that is you! Join my Facebook Group Big Dream Awakening Inner Circle for a daily dose of feel good. (it is a no complaining zone and full of positive peeps!)

No day was ever made brighter because of a great complaint.

As for all those negative people in the world, when you stop complaining with them, they actually leave you alone. (you’re just not that “fun” anymore wink wink) And you may find some of them even decide to join you on the light side.

Here’s a funny spin on complaining from Jon Gordon-enjoy this video. LOL!!!!

I also highly recommend his book “The No Complaining Rule”. The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work [Hardcover] [2008] 1 Ed. Jon Gordon

I would love your comments on this topic…how do you deal with complainers? Do you feel you’re alone in a sea of negativity?

Let The Healing Begin

Nothing feels worse than having your heart broken.

At first you feel dazed, confused – denial sets in. You tell yourself this can’t be happening, not for real. It can’t be true.

Your mind flashes back to memories when everything was okay, then dashes back to the present moment – you suddenly feel like you’re in a living nightmare.

Reality sets in and you realize everything has changed.

You feel raw, like someone literally reached inside you and ripped your heart out.

As the days pass you do what it takes to make it through the day which may include isolating, staring out the window at nothing, eating loads of ice cream and watching sad movies you can cry your eyes out to. Melancholy becomes your new friend.

After the original sting passes, you’re left feeling a bit lifeless inside. Things that used to excite you, really don’t anymore. You get in the habit of feeling numb.

Until one day you wake up and realize your life is full of things that don’t matter, things that are not serving you-other than distracting you enough to cover up the pain that’s been left behind by your heartbreak.

You tell yourself to just “let it go”, “get over it already” or to forget about it.

But the damage is done. And it still hurts when you let yourself go there.

But you don’t, you try to hide how you really feel. Still it’s there. That dull ache from your castaway heart.

And even though you don’t like feeling this way, it’s there.

When you’re alone with your thoughts it’s there. The heartbreak. The reality.

What you once had is gone and you still can’t believe it, you still can’t believe it can hurt like this.

Some days are better than others, some are not.

You’re just tired of living this emotional roller coaster-you want off, you want to feel good again.

You used to have a dream, it energized you. Life had color and zest, full of possibilities. To feel that way again would be a welcomed thought.

It’s time for a shift.

Away from the pain, toward new meaning and purpose. Healing beyond heartbreak so you can dream again.

Healing begins with a simple proclamation – “I want to feel good”

And the longer you wait, the longer heartbreak has to take a toll on your spirit and wellbeing, your health and your success.

Healing beyond heartbreak is a process. Take the first step with my free report 3 Easy Ways To Feel Good Now.

Love Can Overcome Obstacles

I’ve worked through plenty of heartbreak in my lifetime – and I made it through stronger, wiser and more passionate than ever about helping women like you heal beyond heartbreak so you can dream again. Because let’s face it, feeling heartbroken sucks!

Life is created chapter by chapter. 

In those chapters are hurdles, challenges and yes, hardships. You can let them stop you (hell no!) or rise above for brighter days. (hell yeah!)

Passion, love and romance play a major role in your story, in helping you live a life worth living.

The big dream is to stay in love with your life, to live passionately, expressing all that is in your heart-no matter the hardships you endure.

Nothing feels better than being in a state of love. It feels the same as bliss. Everything is better, colors are brighter, your step is lighter, you feel open to try new things, inspired with new ideas and your brave kicks in to go for your big dreams.

And then there’s heartbreak. Nothing feels worse. It’s like time stands still and nothing helps keep your mind off of it, nothing holds back the tears.

No matter what shape or size, it all hurts the same and takes your dreams down with it.

When poets write about heartbreak and artists paint portraits it’s enchanting. But when you are the one going through heartbreak there’s nothing dreamy about it.

Love is a positive high frequency emotion which can heal and help you overcome obstacles. 

I’ve met too many women who are afraid to let themselves truly love again because of their past.

Disappointments with a parent, friend or romantic relationship ran it’s turbulent course and left a path of destruction right through their heart. The scars limit their capacity to love themselves and love their life to the fullest.

Their dreams fall prisoner to the wrath of heartbreak.

And that makes me sad, but it also ignites a fire within me to reach them, teach them and help them heal. Heartbroken with no zest for life is no way to live.

Especially when you have so much love to give and so much you deserve to receive.

Dreams come true when you feel good.

Feeling good means being connected to source, your essence. It is an energy, your life force – what makes you, you.

When heartbreak strikes, it strips you of your essence. (that’s why many people describe being heartbroken as literally feeling like a part of them has died)

I can help you get that back again, that part of you that feels lost, missing or gone. It’s waiting for you to create a healing space so it can return.

That space, is in your beautiful heart.

And the love of your life, should be you first, anyone else after that. I had to learn this the hard way, more than once.

I turned my mess into my message, my message into a method-so you don’t have to learn the hard way. You can start healing, start loving and start dreaming right now.

If you’re ready to see what is possible beyond the heartbreak-consider enrolling in my new program Release & Let Grow. Identify and heal past wounds blocking your success in a supportive, group of amazing women all ready to add more zest to their life!

This virtual program launches 10/17/15 and it’s going to be AMAZING! There’s even a unique release ceremony that will be captured live on video!

It is my sincere hope that something you see here will surprise and refresh you, will help you shift, live, love and find your way to happiness once again.

Nicole xoxo

The Art of Dream Design

When you want to decorate a room, you start with a vision of what you want and how you want to feel once you have it.

You mix colors, styles and textures that compliment and transform a space into something that makes you feel good when you’re in it.
You dream it, see it, feel it and create it- before you do it.

It’s a personal process whether you do it on your own or you work with a professional designer. A designer helps you get clear on what you want while providing the tools and resources to make the process fun and effortless.

Before you know it, you’re enjoying your newly decorated space.

Dream design is just like interior design!

You start with a vision. That vision makes you feel a certain way, then you bring it to life with colors and textures.

The process starts on the inside, as a thought. That thought creates a feeling.

As you start to pull the details together, you see your dream transform into something that makes you feel good when you’re in it.
You dream it, see it, feel it and create it – before you do it.

And just like interior design, you can do this on your own or for faster results, you can work with a professional during this very personal process.

As an Intuitive Healer I help you gain the clarity you need to build your dreams, while providing the tools and resources to make the process fun and effortless. Yipee!

Just like the space in your home, dreams are very personal. Even if you see someone else with exactly what you want, your dream will still have your personal twist to it. That’s the fun part of dream design – you get to create what you want, in your very own way.

And it all starts with a vision, or a picture in your mind of what you want. Clarity is a must in dream design. Only when you can see in your mind’s eye what you truly want, can you start to create your dream.

Any dream that has ever been fulfilled has started with this step – getting a clear vision of what you want.

When’s the last time you asked yourself “what in the world do I REALLY want?” – and really listened to what you heart had to say?

What pops in for you? This step is all about the what, not the how. (more on the “how” in another post)

If your “what” doesn’t make you shiver, if it doesn’t scare you a bit, it’s not big enough.

At Big Dream Awakening, we use the 3 B dream model.

B1) It’s BIG, larger than you can wrap your mind around to make it happen, it almost seems impossible but it excites you beyond words.
B2) It’s BOLD, it scares you more than a little and you’re pretty sure everyone you know will think you’ve lost your friggin’ mind but it feels too good to downsize.
B3) It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and would not only benefit you but those around you and you feel great joy and inspiration from that.

Time to get clear m’dear! Take a few minutes to journal what you want.

Set a timer, take a few deep breaths and get present. Then ask again, “what do I really want?” Notice whatever pops in don’t judge or analyze. Start writing whatever comes through, no worry on grammar or “how” it will happen. Just write.

Whatever you come up with, take a moment to schedule your Awaken Your Dream Consultation and let’s have some fun putting the colors and textures together to design your dream.

Remember, dream it, see it, feel it and create it – then do it.

Fed Up With Feeling Bad?

Do you feel stuck, trapped or maybe unsure of what you really want, and deep down you feel…there must be more than this, because something is missing?

At one time, you had a big dream. You were energized, you felt excited about your future. You believed you could do anything.

You were gonna make things happen and the world was going to take notice! Woot!

Maybe things didn’t go quite the way you had planned. Challenges and responsibilities popped up, adversity struck and it took a toll on your spirit.

You lost your edge, maybe you grew tired, you fell into comfortable and, maybe you settled.

Somehow you wound up “here”. This, “not-so-bad-but-not-great-just so-so” place.

Have you lost your fire, let go of your dream for “this is good enough”?

You tell yourself, it’s just “for now”. It won’t always be like this, I won’t always feel this way.

You reason your way through, feeling a bit guilty, because you have so many things you should feel grateful for.

Yet, although there’s a lot in your life that’s going right, still, life feels dull at times.

Deep down inside you feel unfulfilled and that leaves an empty space in your heart.

Days go by, and then more days go by. And you don’t know what to do, so you do nothing.

Another day goes by.

You have moments where you know you can’t go on like this, feeling this way, this feeling-nothing-way, but you keep on, pushing forward.

It’s getting harder to do, it’s heavier, that empty space in your heart is weighing on you.

So you try different things, telling yourself “maybe I’ll find what I’m looking for”, but still, something is missing.

Do a lot of things fascinate you but nothing seems to satisfy you? Are you seeking more but you don’t know what of?

You just sort of go through the motions of everyday life but the truth is, you’ve lost your passion.

Time passed by and you fell in a rut. Life got stale, there’s no zest anymore.

Regardless, you keep climbing and reaching, doing what you think you’re supposed to do and yet you’re left with the nagging question “is this it?” knowing you’re not truly happy but telling yourself all the reasons you should be.

You could stay right where you are and not change a single thing. And, you could make it work, you have so far after all, but you feel your heart sink at the thought because your heart just isn’t in it anymore.

And you don’t know what to do, but you know you can’t stay “here”, feeling “this way”.

It doesn’t feel good anymore. You decide you’re fed up with feeling bad.

A voice whispers to you from inside, “there must still be more to life”.

And there is.

The real question is, what is “more” for you?

When’s the last time you asked yourself “what in the world do I REALLY want?” and really listened to what you heart had to say?

You were not meant to reach one level and get stuck, or settle just because it makes sense in some ways or because it’s safe.

You are meant for greater things, to increase and expand who you are, to become who you are meant to be.

It’s time to look inside, deep down in your heart. If you’re no longer seeing in your life what is in your heart, your journey is not complete. In fact, it’s just beginning.

Your dream has been incubating and it’s waiting to be born. It’s waiting for you to take that next step.

Let me lighten your burden…it’s not your fault you’re in this blah-place. You didn’t do anything wrong, you didn’t miss anything. You are awakening and what used to feel good, doesn’t anymore.

You’re a spiritual being having a human experience and sometimes the wires get crossed, it gets confusing, thinking one way but feeling another. Your spirit evolves and starts to crave new things, it no longer likes what was.

It’s time for a breath of fresh perspective and new way of feeling. This creates a much needed shift.

Today is your new beginning.

Your heart is stirring, there’s something greater calling you.

Nicole IslerI’m Nicole Isler, Intuitive Coach & Spiritual Teacher. I founded Big Dream Awakening, to help amazing women, just like you, wherever they are, so they can claim and enjoy every wonderful dream they are blessed to have.

You might say I’m a bit of a fire starter. I have been gifted with the energy to spark your passion and ignite your purpose, to help you dream big again.

Imagine doing things you didn’t know you could do. 

What would be possible for you, if you look beyond what is, to see what could be?

Your possibilities are endless. But not unless you take that first step, without that, everything stays the same.

What is that first step? Feeling good.

It’s time to get rid of your defeated thinking and make room for a stronger mindset.

You were destined to be exceptional. If you don’t take that first step, you could miss out on what you were destined to be, do or have.

Let your excitement open you up to possibilities. You can escape the mundane, silence the anguish and feel a burning desire in your heart once again.

Are you ready to say yes to your big dream?

“Dreams come true when you feel good.”-Nicole Isler

Take the first step to feeling good.

Download my FREE REPORT for 3 instant, EASY ways to help you:

  • Feel Lighter
  • Gain Clarity
  • Get Centered
  • Boost Energy
  • Improve Your Health
  • Awaken Your Passion

Just click HERE and download my free report now. 

I’m passionate about helping women heal from heartbreak so they can dream again. Take the step to see what is possible for you beyond what is and grab my free report today.

No experience ever goes to waste.

FailureEven when you feel you’ve failed, you’re wiser than you once were and closer to getting what you want.

You can transform failure into fuel to help you get back up again.



Until you see failure as something else-a gift.

A gift to teach you what you still need to know.

A gift to prove to yourself how badly you really want something.

A gift to build your determination so you never give up.

So that if you fall, you can regain your balance faster to rise up stronger and dream bigger.

What are your thoughts on failure? How has it changed your life? What did it teach you?

Weeding Your Magical Garden…

For a Beautiful Mindscape

Imagine a beautiful garden. You plant seeds, care for them and watch the1m flourish. To keep your garden beautiful, it needs consistent tending and loving attention.

You have the option to replant the flowers in your garden anytime you want. Change the seeds and you change the crop. That means you see what you plant.

If you want red flowers, you plant seeds for red flowers, if you want more yellow flowers, plant seeds for yellow flowers and so on.

Your mind is just like that garden, although it’s more of a magical garden for many reasons.

Think of the seeds as your beliefs.

Beliefs grow into thoughts just like seeds grow into flowers. You see flowers in your garden and you see in your life what you think about.

As in, your thoughts become things.

Plant positive thoughts and see positive things in your life. Simple right?! What’s even better, you can see the beauty of your positive thoughts right away, there’s no waiting around like in a flower garden. Magical.

If positive thoughts are like beautiful flowers…what are negative thoughts?

Your negative thoughts are like weeds…they sneak up and grow on their own, spreading until they overtake the garden (your mind). Weeds grow under any condition, even through the worst weather. They almost seem to grow faster during a storm!

Growing weeds is quite effortless, you don’t have to do anything to grow them, they just keep multiplying, even if you ignore them. However, if you ignore them long enough, they crowd out your flowers and all you see are weeds.

Beautiful flowers need love and care, they need space to grow to their true potential. They also need to be fed, nurtured and protected from the weeds.

Your positive thoughts need love and care too so they can grow strong and stay vibrant.

Emotion plays a big part in this. Positive emotions are like sunshine to flowers and negative emotions are like dark, cold shade. Flowers grow toward the light and so do you.

The magical garden of your mind needs attention and love to protect it from the weeds of life.

To control what flourishes and grows you must tend to your magical garden by constantly pulling the negative thoughts and planting positive ones.

Today, let’s weed your magical garden so your beautiful thoughts can grow.

Try this short, fun visualization exercise. (recorded here)

Post your “new flower” (positive thought) once you’ve completed the exercise.

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