A Special Invite

New YearHappy New Year Eve Day!

I have the extreme pleasure of working with and talking with incredible women, perhaps you’re one of them. 🙂

These women are caring and vibrant, full of passion and world impacting ideas.

The trouble is, sometimes life brings challenges that create massive distractions – altering their progress and forward movement toward their dreams.

I find that the mess they can’t always make sense of, leaves an imprint sometimes stronger than the wins, triumphs and mountains they’ve climbed fearlessly, courageously and brilliantly.

What I love to help them see is the priceless lessons and gifts these dark times gave them, the silver lining that is.

So, to help put 2015 in polished perspective, I’m hosting a free tele-workshop 1/1/16, 11 am – 12 pm CST.

During the call we’ll give special honor to 2015 with a celebration ceremony and fun activities.

I’d love to have as many women on the call as possible, to ring in the possibilities for the New Year with all our energy combined.

No need to dress up, stay in your jammies, grab something warm or cheery to drink and dial in for a special hour you won’t soon forget. I promise by the end of the call, you’ll see 2015 in a VERY different light.

You can sign-up here http://bit.ly/YesIWantIn

If you’re on my list already, no need to lift a finger until tomorrow when you dial in. I’ll send out all the details.

Either way, I wish you the very happiest New Year and the brightest 2016 you can imagine!

Nicole xo

Lost Interest – Why Oh Why?

When you begin a new venture it can feel exciting and inspiring. It can also loose it’s luster and feel dull and heavy. You can always turn it around and re-ignite your passion.

Here’s a few suggestions to this question submitted by a client:

“I have noticed an extreme shift in my dedication to my business.  Even though I love what I do, I have lost my drive to grow the business.  I have felt that this was my key to a great income and now I am feeling like I am losing my interest and I’m not sure why.  I hope I get it back on track in the near future. I know I am getting an interest in other things but I am coasting on those and just letting things happen. I was hoping you can guide me as to why I may be feeling the way I do.”

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Childhood Dreams Still Stand A Chance

Every child dreams of growing up to be ___________ and to have _______________. (fill in the blank with your dream)

So it can feel heavy as an adult to not see those childhood dreams come true. You may be closer than you think.

Here’s my response to the question:

“Why haven’t all my childhood dreams come true? Where did I get off the path?”

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No Such Thing As A Coincidence

TUNE-IN TUESDAY – Learning to trust yourself, as in your intuition, is key in living a truly epic life. Why? Because decisions based on intuition tend to turn out for the better-80% of the time vs. 50/50 when using reasoning skills. That means less stress, fewer hiccups, screw-ups and bad decisions that leave a mess to clean up! Mess means more time and energy spent where you don’t want to spend it.

Everyone has intuition, everyone can use it and everyone can turn up the volume of their intuitive voice for faster decision making and better outcomes.

Have any of these situations ever happened to you?

The phone rings and without even looking, you know who it is. And you’re right.
-You get the feeling to call a friend you haven’t talked to in some time only to find out they’re really in need of support
-You get a bad feeling about taking your usual route home from work and decide to drive a different way, only to find out later there was a huge pile-up you avoided because you changed your route

That’s intuition. Situations like these occur every single day and they show up this way, as a quick little incidents we dismiss as coincidences or luck. But it’s much more than that.
It’s a feeling, a sense of the unseen, a knowing – in advance. A drive pushing you from the inside to act or not act depending on the situation.

Learning to trust your intuition takes active practice. The more you tune-in, the faster your intuition will register with you. It works like a muscle, the more you work it, the larger and stronger it grows.

For most people, intuition kicks in and they jump up in their logical mind to write-off whatever came through. “Oh, I must be imagining things” or “what a weird coincidence”. Insert my favorite line here – “there’s no such thing as a coincidence”. It is whatever it is, allow yourself to accept and believe that.

You had a feeling, an image, a voice whispering in your ear – and then, it happens, just what you had a feeling, an image or a whisper about. And it makes you smile at first, then shake your head as you ponder what just happened. Did you reeeeally predict it? “nahhh, must be a coincidence.” Nope, real and true my friend.

Maybe you have been told you’re “being silly” or “what do you think you are, psychic? (insert snicker)” when you tell someone what happened. Their response causes you to doubt what you felt to be true. So you chalk-it up to being over tired or having an overactive imagination. This is where the buzzer goes off because that’s THE WRONG ANSWER!!

albert-einstein-428957_640Albert Einstein said “the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

I think that sums it up accurately. Like I said, everyone has intuition. It’s just a matter of how developed it is.

Ten years ago if you had ever told me that I could do energy readings for other people I would’ve thought you were nuts! But here I am today, helping people sort through their blocks energetically, reaching deep down layers they can’t put words to until I call them out. And then, they release it.

I hear things like “whoaaa, I haven’t told anyone about that – it’s exactly how I’ve been feeling” and “wow, it’s like you’re in my head”. Sounds eerie but it’s actually quite freeing for the women I work with. It helps them validate what they’re feeling and trying to sort through. I just say out loud what they’ve been afraid to.

And that’s when the magic happens. You can’t work through something until you get it out in the open, look it in the eyes and stare it down to the tiny bit of energy it deserves. Anything you’re dealing with will always, and I mean always, seem bigger and scarier up in your head than it does out in the open.

You can’t get the perspective you need up in there! It’s like trying to put a puzzle together in a cramped, dark attic, it just doesn’t work. And, with all the pieces lumped in the box, it seems like you’ll never find the right pieces to complete the picture.

When you shine some light and spread all your pieces you have to work with out on the table, you can actually see what you have to work with. You can try different pieces in different places. It may still take time and commitment, but you are sure to finish the puzzle faster than when you were in the dark.

Now, am I suggesting that you practice and develop your intuition to do what I do? No, not at all – unless you feel moved in that direction. What I am suggesting is starting to listen to the voice that guides you internally.

Not the mental chatter that disrupts any kind of intuitive notions, that’s external static that seeped in through other people opinions and overworked days, overloaded calendars, etc.
What I’m referring to is that voice that has a feeling inside. Sometimes it says YES!!! And sometimes it screams NO!

I didn’t just flip a switch and start doing readings, it took practice and training – and it took trusting my insights. It took me overriding my thoughts of “this sounds crazy” and “what if I’m wrong”. I let all that go and went with my feelings – and as I started to prove to myself I was right, I started to believe that this intuition non-sense is no non-sense at all.

I am here telling you to do the same. If you want to live an epic life, you have to trust your gut, go with your feelings, tap into your mental pictures that cannot be explained by any other definition than – your intuition.

This makes for much easier living, faster more effective decisions, inspired actions and avoiding collisions with disaster. Does it mean throw all reason out the window? Not at all. There’s a blend and a use for both reason and intuition, but I tend to side on intuition. And when you really get tuned-in, you don’t even think about it, you just know how it feels and you move forward with what feels best.

I like to think of my intuition as a tiny, little pixie sitting on my shoulder. When something is right for me, she jumps up and down and points and cheers. When something feels wrong, she folds her arms up, frowns her face and stomps her foot telling me NO! That’s my image anyway, you can pick your own.

Here’s a quick tip to boost your intuition. Start using it! HA! Yes, I mean start testing it, be aware of what you hear that no one else hears, that you feel and can’t explain with “proof”. Track how you do. Notice your results. I bet you do a lot better than you give yourself credit for.

Oh, and by all means, clear your mind on a regular basis! Whether you do it with meditation, exercise, walking in nature, free writing – just get all that static I mentioned earlier OUT. Your intuition needs the stage, no need for off-key, back-up singers to clutter up the melody. Let your intuition steal the show!

If you’re interested in learning more about your intuition, all my programs teach you how to tune-in. Schedule a free Explore Session to learn what program is right for you. We’ll open the line of communication so you never miss a message from your intuition again!

Final thought – today let your intuition lead the way. It knows where your dream is and it wants to take you there!

Thanks for stopping by!

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Today let’s explore what you loved to do as a child and why it’s important in creating a life you love!

Our society, school, most institutions teach you to ask the question: what am I good at? But that’s a misunderstood and secondary question in the scheme of creating an epic life of adventure and conquering mental mountains!

First ask this question instead: what do I love to do? (chances are you’re pretty good at it already so it answers the other question automatically!)

When you first ask what you’re good at, you will probably come up with lots of practical tasks, jobs, responsibilities. (or you inherit them from others!)

Many of these types of ‘time-consumers’ lead to boredom, exhaustion and forcing yourself to push through. When you start there, you fill your time with things that may not bring you any joy other than knowing it’s done for now until the next thing pops up.

So, let’s start from the beginning, when you only knew how to say YES to what made you happy and never gave a thought to whether you were any good at it! You were drawn to it because you were naturally good at it but you didn’t question if you were good at it, you just played and let yourself be open to the experience.

What comes naturally to you that you can’t wait to do? What homework assignments had you racing to get home? 

I remember one that had my spirit soaring. It was fifth grade and the teacher held a contest for us to draw and create our own character. I can see my drawing in my mind. He was a little elf looking character. He had an earring, pointy ears and pointy shoes. He was grinning as if full of mischief, rosey cheeks and a twinkle in his eye. His clothes were green with bright yellow accents.

As I I look back now, it’s so clear, duh, I drew a little fairy! (similar to the picture I posted) Even as a child I knew and dreamt of the magical, the mystical and enchanting, wanting to believe that was not pretend, but part of my real world.

What did you absolutely LOVE to do as a child? Play outside, ride your bike, color, draw, paint? Did you read your favorite books, dig in the dirt, hike in the woods, catch frogs….twirl your baton or play hopscotch?

After you come up with your answers, do they fit for you today? You may enjoy the activity as is, or it may need tweaking. For instance instead of catching frogs maybe you’d like to start an aquarium or if you loved playing in the sandbox maybe you create a table top Zen garden. Make it fit, explore it, see where it takes you!

Oh, and yes, I won the contest. I was just so proud. My little guy hung in the hallway for all to see. I created something with all my heart and it was noticed.

Living your life to the fullest is not always about reinvention or creating everything brand new from scratch. Look into your youth, see what’s there, remember. See who you already are. Who have you been being all along without even thinking about it?

Now….go PLAY!

Share what you come up with…what did ‘little-you’ love to do that ‘all-grown-up’ you can do too??

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It’s that time of year…


It’s Christmas time…that means time for cheer, generosity, giving and FAMILY. Creating new memories.

I absolutely love this time of year. Yes I’m one of the geeks with Christmas music on as soon as November hits. So I’m really in my prime season right now.

For me it’s the most nostalgic time of year. I find my mind wandering back to Christmas’ past, not only when my boys were little, but when I was a little girl.

I remember heading to Grandma’s house for the best turkey dinner, all the sides to go with it. You could actually smell dinner before you even went in the house. It was delightful.

Grandma’s house

I used to rush in to see her beautifully decorated tree, somehow every year her tree looked completely different and she had completely outdone herself. My favorite was the giant Angel on the fireplace mantel. And what else would you find under the tree but perfectly wrapped presents that spilled out and filled the room.

Meanwhile, Grandma was cooking away in the kitchen, usually bickering with my Grandpa about something dinner related as they tried to make their way around in their tiny kitchen. Thinking back now, I can’t help but miss the chaos.

My Grandma worked so hard to make every detail perfect for us.  I know she did it out of pure love and certainly I never took that for granted. I can only hope she knew how much it meant to me, to all of us.

As I grew up I realized how many hours she put into preparing for our special day, I saw what a toll it took on her as she worked herself into total exhaustion. Things were very stressful behind the scenes, not unpleasant, but tense for sure. (the part they never show you in the Hallmark movies!)

Again, thinking back, I can’t help but miss the chaos and hustle bustle. However, I don’t miss the stress and exhaustion my Grandma experienced as she crammed all of that joy into the final days before Christmas. She worked herself ragged, frantically trying to get it all done before everyone arrived. (sound familiar?)

This is the not-so-nostalgic part of my memories. My Grandma worked her butt off not just because there was so much to do, but because she tried to accomplished enough for 10 people to handle! Ugh!


My little guys

Without realizing it, I grew up doing the same thing as a young Mom. The pressure seemed reasonable in comparison for the smiles and the happiness in the air. And it really was, but the recovery time it took me to get back in the swing of things was harsh. I would run myself down so much, totally tapped out and I usually wound up sick. The thought of even leaving the house made me cringe.

Well flash forward to this holiday season, I can tell you I have made a made a few adjustments! I stick to the traditions minus the stress. I only do what I enjoy and cut out the ‘have to’ and ‘shoulds’. I plan waaaay in advance and do a little bit at a time, oh and I listen to my energy. If I’m tired, I rest. If I overdue it one day, I take the next day to replenish and refresh. I learned the hard way it’s not worth getting sick over.

If it’s a choice between slaving away or spending time with my family, I choose the quiet and simple time together. Time is not going by any slower, in fact every day it seems to pick up the pace so when I can grab a time-out with my sons, I’m all about it. There’s nothing that makes me happier or feel more present.

Because looking back, what I miss more than anything is seeing my Grandma smile, hearing my Grandpa laugh and spending time with my cousins. It’s not the big, perfect tree or even the turkey cooked to perfection.  It’s the people, I miss the people I loved so dearly.

I can only hope my sons have grown up with the same nostalgic feelings about this wonderful season, that I’ve given them memories to cherish. I know I’d do anything to go back to when they were little, seeing Santa for the first time, opening their first Christmas present with pure fascination…but time has passed, and much too quickly.


I’m the little one now!

So, we keep it simple at the Isler home. We visit, we play games while we watch Christmas Vacation and we remember what matters most – each other, family, having each other to love. I truly feel all you need for a joyous holiday is love in your heart to keep you warm, to share with someone you love.


If you’re feeling the crunch and rush of the holiday season, here are a few of my ‘seasonal tips’ to keep the holiday holly and to keep you jolly!

  • Decide right now that stress will not take over this holiday. Stay nostalgic, then take action and give yourself credit where credit is due.
  • Shop mentally first, know what you’re looking for, then head to the mall. Try to shop when you feel refreshed not at the end of the day. You’ll have a clear mind to find what you need fast. Then you can ease your way into the final days of Christmas knowing gifts are all set instead of having to head to the mall frantic when it’s crazy town!
  • Stay away from the malls and shop online. If not literally, at least do your window shopping online to get ideas.
  • Hosting for the holiday? Start cleaning a little bit every day instead of waiting until days or hours before. Touch up before everyone arrives and focus on order not perfection.
  • Have family members bring side-dishes, beverages, etc. to help with the work. It adds variety and everyone gets to share.
  • Get your family involved. This holiday is NOT all on you! Gather the family around over snacks and make a list of all the to-dos before everyone arrives. Let each family member choose their tasks. Send everyone away with their list and instructions, have them turn in their checklist when they’re done.
  • Set the timer for 5 minutes. Grab pen and paper. Write out all your favorite memories about this holiday season. What mattered most to you, what made the most impact for you, what do you cherish about past holidays? Reflect on your answers and stay nostalgic.
  • Create a ‘Why’ statement for this holiday season. Why does it matter to you, why do you do what you do to make it special? Keep that statement handy-when you feel overwhelmed or getting too lost in the ‘to-dos’ read your statement. Bring yourself back to center with what matters most. Then give some thought to how you can add more of what matters most to your family’s holiday.
  • Be kind and generous to yourself. Be aware of your energy. If you need rest, then rest. If you need nourishment, then eat something healthy. If you feel frantic, take a 5 minute time-out to sit with your eyes closed and breath slowly.
  • Get enough exercise, sleep and nutrition during this busy time and stay hydrated. This will help keep your energy up! More energy means getting more done in less time. Keep healthy snacks handy, fill a gallon jug with water and make sure it’s empty by the end of the day.
  • And finally, gather your family around and talk about what is most meaningful to each person about the holidays. What memories are the most heart-warming? Do they absolutely love baking cookies together, decorating the tree as a family with favorite ornaments or maybe it’s something as simple as breakfast in your pjs on Christmas morning. Compare everyone’s thoughs to what you’ve been focusing on. Are you adding things to the holidays that don’t really matter like over-doing, running frantic, etc. to make these less meaningful things happen? Keep what’s meaningful and discard the rest. Sometimes the basics are all you need.

I hope there’s at least one tip you liked. Most importantly, remember this is YOUR holiday. A brand new opportunity to create memories you cherish for a life time. What will you come up with this year? What do you want to reflect back on next year?

I would love to hear all about it! Leave a comment below or email me at Nicole@bigdreamawakening.com Also feel free to share any holiday time saving tips below for other working Moms and busy women.

Happy holidays to you and your family!



Boo To Negativity

It takes positive action, positive energy and a positive mindset to live your best life.

Does it feel like negative energy has crept into your life?

Are you tired of dealing with negative people, or sick to your stomach at the thought of facing another negative day at work? No matter where you feel it, negative energy sucks the energy out of you. That’s when it’s easier for your own negative thoughts to spiral out of control – and that gets frickin’ exhausting.

One of the most important keys for achieving your greatest potential in life is your level of positivity – and your ability to maintain and increase it.

What negativity is stopping you from having what you really want? 

You may not be able to change everything in your life but you can change how you show up – and that makes everything different.

Imagine being able to shield yourself from negativity and keep a positive vibe no matter how awful people are behaving, no matter how off things seem – and when necessary, have the strength to to leave if it gets too toxic.

How would your life change if negativity didn’t knock you over? What would unfold for you if you were no longer affected by it?

Your possibilities are endless. BUT not unless you take the first step, without that, everything stays the same.

If you’re ready for change grab your free Positivity Consultation . Let’s jump in and explore until you’re dripping with enough positive energy and perspectives to keep you swimming in it no matter what crap is flung in your direction! HA! 

I’ll also evaluate your obstacles and recommend a practical action plan for easy, immediate changes you can make for big-time, long-term relief!


It’s Opposite Day

i_am_awesome_mouse_pad-rf9318618bbbe4de1bbf1e1e9691706fe_x74vi_8byvr_512We spend most of our days thinking about everything we have yet to finish, accomplish, get-done and check off our to-do list.

Ugh, ever feel exhausted, like you’ll never get to it all? With ONLY that focus the days can get long, the energy can run low and you will start to feel like you’re stuck, no progress happening…just running frantic like a loon, getting no where fast.

Well, today is opposite day. That’s right, we’re going to focus on everything you DID get done.

Right now, take just 5 minutes and write a list of as many things as you can think of that you HAVE accomplished, that you DID get done. Big or small makes no difference at all!! Just DO it. (you can even count this list as a check-off on your done list!!)

I mean everything from made dinner, to laundry, to joined the gym, to drank enough water, to read stories to my kids, to took a bath, to went for a walk, to journaled, to wrote out my goals, to decorated the Christmas tree, to read my book, to brushed my teeth, to finished a project at work, to moved to a new house, to stayed positive even though everyone else was crabby, to broke off a negative relationship, to working on your big dream….you see it ALL counts. Every single bit of it. You get full credit for all of it.

So, with all you actually DO GET DONE, you’ll probably have to write really fast….grab your pen and paper…..

Set the timer for 5 minutes….ready….GO….

Then take 5 minutes and reflect on ALL of it, every point and see ALL you get done without even realizing it. Maybe you want to do another 5 minutes, go right ahead. You deserve the acknowledgement.

Care to share? Tell us how it went for you! How did you feel before, how did you feel after?

Oh, and here’s a kick-ass, high-5 from me for EVERYTHING you get done. You are freakin’ AWESOME!!!


Ask-Away-Monday Q & A

I’m super excited! I started a new thing on Mondays in my Facebook group, the Big Dream Awakening Inner Circle.

Members of the group can post their questions and I answer them live on Periscope. (you can follow me @ImTink16)

Why am I doing this? Because we all go through the same things. Sure not exactly, but the emotions are the same.

No one woman has any original emotions. We have all felt anger, sadness, frustration, happiness and joy, etc. So, we can relate to what another woman, working Mom, boss lady, etc. is going through emotionally even if our journey looks a little different.

It’s a great way for me to reach out and assist, shift perspectives and open up possibilities and strategies for you to keep you moving forward without all the damn guilt!

Brianna: from South Dakota writes:

“I’m definitely not sure of my next step! I know there’s a bigger plan at play, and I’m trying to see where it’s taking me. I’m hesitant to dive too far into anything I’m doing now because I don’t want to seem more flaky and shift directions later — AGAIN. How can I move forward when I’m not certain it’s the right direction? (Major transformation in my life lately, so I’m really rising from ashes here!)”

Watch my video to view my response. Post your thoughts.

ps. Be sure and hop over to my Facebook group to join in the fun for next week!!