Infusing Positive Energy With Positive Intention

12279157_10208129390615144_3535596642280727074_n“Nicole how do I put my energy into my inspiration rocks that I paint? Do I have to do something special to make sure they carry positive energy that goes with the word I place on each rock?”-Donna H

You definitely can do something to infuse your positive energy into the rocks you paint. Your positive energy will naturally transfer, but this is a beautiful ritual you can do with each rock to send it off, full of the love you wish the recipient to receive. This is a process for any object or space you wish to bless with positive energy.

You can call in your Angels to assist you in this process which may be a nice fit for you with the work you’re doing or certainly, it is just as meaningful and effective on your own.

1) Hold the object in your hands (or visualize it if it’s not with you)

2) Spend a few moments in quiet meditation while holding the object (or visualizing it). Do this by dropping into your heart space, centering and hold the intention for what you want the energy to do or what you want the energy to achieve.

Example, “it is my intention that this affirmation rock will find a home with the right person at the right time. This rock will bring peace and insight for whatever the owner needs at the time. They will find joy in holding this rock, just as I found joy in creating it.”

3) As you hold the object, imagine a white light from above, coming in at the top of your head, through your crown chakra, like a beam of light that fills your entire body, all the way down through the floor to the center of the earth. As it moves down through your chakras, bring all the white light energy in and imagine it emanating out of your body, especially through your hands into the object.

4) Sit quietly with the white light energy image and your intention, blending them, as the white light energy transfers into your object.

5) You’ve now sent out your intention that this object will find the right owner at the right time. Finalize your process by sitting for a few moments, clearing your energy, thanking any being of light you’ve called in for assistance and your process is complete.

You may notice a pulsing or warmth from the object as you work through this process. You can certainly add to your meditation and visualization anything that you feel contributes and transfers your heart energy to the object.

I hope that was helpful! Adding this process will make your hand-painted rocks not only beautiful but full of positive intention and white light energy!

Tips To Tune-in

1If you Google “intuition” you’ll find 45,200,000 results pop up! Wow! Talk about a hot topic. This will make it 45,200,001 and I’m sure it will continue to increase from there. Ha.

So what is intuition anyway? It’s the communication line to your higher self. It’s ‘you’ telling ‘you’ what you need to know and more importantly, it’s ‘you’ listening to what ‘you’ have to say.

It’s the listening part that makes it work – or not. The telling part is ongoing, but it’s the listening where we tend to fall a bit short.

We doubt, we get distracted, we talk ourselves out of what we need to see, hear and feel and the messages are lost. Sounding familiar?

It’s more common than you think in case you’re feeling like you are the only one, you’re not! Many, many of the clients I work with have a learning curve when it comes to THEIR OWN intuition.

They know what intuition in general is and they may even have a surface level feel for how to use their intuition, but every one of the women I work with want to learn how to deepen their understanding. They want to learn how to use it without having to “think” about it or question it.

That’s why every program I teach includes a section or main focus on intuition.

Life was hit or miss for me, mostly miss, until I learned how to tune-in to my own intuition.

Intuition is something I talk about A LOT in Big Dream Awakening. Why? Because every single dreamer made their big dream come true with the help of their intuition. It wasn’t luck, it wasn’t an accident.

Talk to any dreamer and they’ll describe details they cannot explain – feelings, instincts, urges, gut feelings and hot ideas that “popped in out of nowhere” that lead them to take inspired action, to create the change they wanted to see or to not take action at all.

Jack Welch, former CEO of GE writes in his book “Winning”, “Sometimes making a decision is hard not because it is unpopular, but because it comes from the gut and defies a ‘technical’ rationale. Much has been written about the mystery of gut, but it’s really just pattern recognition, isn’t it. You’ve seen something so many times you just know what’s going on this time. The facts may be incomplete or the data limited, but the situation feels very, very familiar to you.”

Oprah Winfrey has talked of using her own intuition for every major transition in her life. She takes in all the information she can gather, listens to suggestions, proposals and ideas and then tunes in to what her gut and heart are telling her to make the final call. She also advises when you don’t know what to do, do nothing and get quiet until you can hear the voice inside to guide you.

Steve Jobs took the mystical view of intuition stating “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.” The list of successful, I’ll call them “Dreamers” goes on and on, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates…they all attribute much of their success to trusting their intuition.

Learning to use your intuition, to “tune-in” and not only listen, but interpret what you are trying to tell you is something I encourage you to practice – DAILY. Does it mean you’ll be spot-on right every time? No, but it will help you develop your instincts and learn to trust them. You will be right more than you are wrong the more you use your intuition.

And, there’s never really “loss” if you are wrong, it all counts as experience, it all helps you to rack up lessons learned.

Here’s just a few quick tips to help you open the communication with your intuition.

Get quiet: Life can get pretty hectic at times. Take a few minutes to just “be with yourself and your own thoughts”. Close your eyes to shut out the outer world, it will help you go within faster. Take a few deep breaths and just “be”.

Notice what you feel: When it’s decision making time, use your body to help you read your intuition. Do you feel it in your gut, in your heart or is it just a “knowing” of what to do that you can’t quite explain with words?

Get clear: Sometimes there’s too much swimming around in your mind. Grab a pen and paper and just dump it all out, write until you have nothing left or at least set a timer and write for 5 minutes. No worries about grammar, just get it out!

Notice coincidences as the signs they are: Those are the moments to take notice of. Then ask yourself what it has to offer for you. There is a reason other than it’s cool that something feels like a freaky, weird coincidence. It’s there to get your attention.

Ask better questions: As a better question, get a better answer. Instead of “why is this happening to me?” as “What does this mean for me?” and then tune in and listen to what your intuition tells you. When you ask a crappy question that makes you feel like a victim, you’ll come up victim every time. So, lead with a strong mindset, direct your mind toward getting a powerful answer and your intuition will never let you down – a positive answer will pop in.

Up your self-care: One sure-fire way to miss what your intuition is trying to tell you is to let yourself get run down. Intuition loves energy! The more energized you feel, the clearer your intuitive signals will be and the faster you’ll interpret them. Go to bed a little earlier tonight or sleep in a little later and see how you feel. Exercise and feed your body and mind the right nutrition. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can make decisions as a result.

Cut the sugars: Imagine my surprise when my very own intuition said to me as I was eating a cookie, “stop eating sugar, it makes it hard for you to hear me”.  Sugar clouds the brain by thinking about needing and wanting more sugar.  The sugar crash leads me to my previous point – intuition loves energy, it’s not as loud and clear when you feel groggy and sluggish.

Learn from an intuitive expert: Who better to teach you how to fine tune your own intuition than someone who has trained and studied intuition and uses it daily to help people find clarity?? As I mentioned, every program I teach involves using and developing your intuition. In every session I have with a client I help them identify where their intuition plays a role in guiding them. Helping you master your intuition is a top priority for me. If you’d like to discuss and learn more about your intuition, sign up for a free Explore Session. I can help you determine what areas could use a little intuitive polishing and identify where your intuition is solid so you can lean on it a bit more.

Feel free to post your thoughts on intuition. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being intuitive super star, where would you rate your intuitive signals and how regularly you notice and follow them?

How To Turn Your Sh*t Into Sunshine

“Sh*t happens.” An old, vulgar slang phrase once so popular they made t-shirts and bumper stickers for it.

It even appeared in Forrest Gump as he was running across the country and stepped in dogsh*t. A fictional account plays out a guy wanting to make a bumper sticker, saying to Forrest “Whoa! Man, you just ran through a big pile of dogsh*t!”, then Gump said “It happens”, the guy replied, “What, sh*t?”, Gump replied “Sometimes”; and supposedly the slang was created.

I’ve had clients (including myself) refer to being in a “sh*t storm” when I ask them how they’re feeling at the start of their session. Have you ever been there? That totally chaotic, unpleasant whirl of mess?

They go on to say, “it feels like everywhere I turn, there’s something else to deal with, a mess I have to clean up and I’m sick of it. It’s just a sh*t storm.” It’s grinding to deal with.

And there are things most of us do during those times that not only make it worse, but make it linger on and on. Beyond the messy into the every day, carrying it forward with us as we move along our path.

I was talking to my coach one evening and she asked what I help my clients with and it just flew out of my mouth – “I help them turn their sh*t into sunshine”. We both laughed, then almost at the same time said – “hey, that’s pretty catchy”.

So, I put what that really means into simple and easy points and I want to share them with you.

You’ll learn 7 common mistakes to stop making that keep you feeling crappy.

And I’m not kidding, these are so simple, which means you can stop doing them immediately and start feeling better.

And, I’ll also teach you the one thing you can do to transform anything, and I mean anything in your life so it doesn’t hold you back anymore.

Because I would guess you have some dreaming to do, and feeling crappy in a sh*t storm definitely will not help you one bit to bring those dreams to life. And that just won’t due for me. You deserve to dream and you deserve to see them come true.

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Is it doable?

A new opportunity. A new venture. A new goal.

They can all create a bit of nervous fear, but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s not worth moving forward.

How do you know if what you want is doable? What steps can you take to put the odds in your favor? Here’s just a few tips you can apply, especially if money is involved.

Conquer 2016

Life has demands and expectations. And you have dreams.

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