The Ultimate Health Summit For Women!

If you’re ready to put your health first this year you don’t want to miss this event! Obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases are on the rise. You can turn the tide on chronic disease with the power of your thoughts!

I’m excited to announce that I was invited to speak at Susan Holsapple’s The Ultimate Health Summit for Women – Friday, February 26, 2:00 pm CST!!

Susan Holsapple gathered 20 Health Care Experts to share their insights, tips and advice on ways to take control of your health.… and it’s all FOR FREE!

In The Ultimate Health Summit for Women, experts share exactly what you need to….Renew your Mind, Re-energize your Body and Rejoice in your Health in 2016!

This has been an information packed week of brilliant speakers and specialists & there’s still time to register for Friday’s (2/26/16) speakers (including me!) —Click Here To Register For FREE Now!

Here’s the scoop…
Nicole Isler - The Ultimate Health Summit for Women Social Media

During this event, I will join other health care experts as we share with you exactly what you need to Renew your Mind, Re-energize your Body and Rejoice in your Health in 2016.

Because you’re in the Big Dream Awakening Community, you can register for FREE at the link below.

Click Here To Register For The Ultimate Health Summit for Women NOW!

During this virtual summit, you’re going to listen in for free and discover…

  • The signs and symptoms of disease and how to re-balance
  • Strategies to overcome stress and dis-ease in the body
  • How diseases can be reversed
  • What you can do to improve your overall wellbeing
  • How to live life in our bodies with Intuition and Knowing
  • How to activate your dreams (you’ll want to listen in for my special FREE training series!)
  • And Much, Much More!
Susan asked me to share my insight on the biology of beliefs as part of The Ultimate Health Summit for Women – I cannot wait to share with you!

This is your opportunity to learn more to renew your mind and re-energize your body so you can rejoice in your health.

Click the link below to learn more and register for free today!

All of the details are available at the link above!

I look forward to “seeing you” there!

Here’s to positively changing your life,
Nicole – your Positivity Expert

P.S. This completely virtual, 100% online summit featuring 20 health care experts doesn’t cost a penny to attend! Because it’s hosted online instead of live, you can follow our advice right from your armchair! Click here to learn more! The Ultimate Health Summit For Women

Brighten Up To Cheer Up!

With your wardrobe?? Yes!

I’m asked over and over easy ways to stay cheery and bright on the inside, especially during the cold, winter months here in WI – here’s one of my easy favs.

If you went to your closet right now, what would you see? Black? Gray? White? (It’s like shadows hanging there waiting for you to slip them on!)

untitledWhy not create a rainbow of options instead?

I know, but black is…”classy”. Great. Save it for your evening dress, or your black business suit, but at the very least, put a splash of color on.

Whether it be jewelry, your shirt or shoes, just do it. Trust me, you’ll feel more cheery when you do.

Imagine putting on, a bright yellow sweater or a gray sweater. Energy boost or same ole same ole.

You just feel more cheery when you’re in color. You’re instantly in a better, brighter mood.

And others will notice I can promise you that! Try it, wear something bright and see how many compliments you draw in. Never fails, every time I wear something bright whether it be orange, yellow, pink, green, someone always makes a “ooooh, I loooove the color” comment and they follow with a “so nice and bright”. (that means you boost someone else’s energy as they visually absorb your brightness! Bonus!)

Don’t believe me? Close your eyes, then open them and look at the picture below. Where does your eye go first, what do you notice the most? The color!

Black-and-White-Splash-Color-Photography-5Color is a very powerful tool which has been proven to affect your energy, boost your vibration and improve your health. Much research has proven that color enables the body to heal and balance itself.

During the colder, winter months we tend to reach for the darker shade clothing. I don’t understand why because the duller the shade you wear, the duller your mood is. Ugh! There are even some that say wearing lots of black and gray can cause depression. Who wants to feel bumpy-grumpy-down-in-the-dumpy? Turn up the color I say!

Not sure what color to wear? Let Mother Nature be your guide. Color combinations of vibrant yellow, green, orange, and red are some of the best colors to counteract winter blues, especially sunny yellow, yellow/green and yellow/orange. My favorite for winter is any bright shade of yellow.

No need to stick to those colors, if you really want to live large, go fluorescent! Yeah, really. You’d be amazed how many people compliment you. I have a fluorescent green sweater, it was so cheery I couldn’t pass it up. (It reminded me of new, spring grass)  Every time I wear it people compliment me all day. By the end of the day, I feel amazing! ha!

All because of color! Fun!!

Let your energy vibe be your guide. Next time you’re deciding what to wear, or you’re in the clothes section at the store, scan the racks, see what colors give you an instant buzz around your heart, feeeeel it. (what makes your energy go oooooh-weeeee!) Find your own style and wear it loud and proud!

Not ready to go all color? Wear your usual and add a bright scarf or necklace. I might wear black and white but I add red shoes and so on. If color is new for you, take notice of the comments and compliments as they roll in. I bet you’ll add more color bit by bit.

If you want to go scientific, check out the meaning of colors.

Yellow:  cheerful, happy, optimistic, improves self-esteem, and mental clarity-and immediately cheers you up.
Green:   peace, harmony, renewal, and stress reduction.
Orange: joyful, playful, creative, social and energetic.
Red:        vigor, vitality, assertiveness, strength, self-confidence and passion.

You don’t have to stick to your clothes when it comes to color, but it’s an easy way to instantly boost your vibration and the energy of those around you. (they’ll appreciate you for it)

Research has proven how color therapy, or chromo therapy, is a natural way to lift your spirits.

You can also add color in your life with paint, accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, hats, shoes, items on your desk, nail polish, full spectrum lighting and remember to have lots of colors on your dinner plate!

I guess what I’m saying is…why go beige when you can live in full color? Here’s to LIVING VIBRANTLY!

Love Doesn’t Have To Suck!

Which description best fits you?

Dreading Valentine’s Day or Craving Love?

I hope you answered craving love, but if you’ve struggled with dating or your current relationship feels like an old, wore out pair of shoes, you’re probably feeling bah-hum-bug about happy heart day.

Are you feeling like finding love and dating has not brought you a happily ever after?

Do you wish you could renew your desire and belief that you can find love?

Join this call to get a fresh perspective and understanding on what your heart really wants.

Sunday, February 14, 2016
4:00 pm CST – 5 pm CST

On the call you will learn:

  • how your mind interferes like a jealous friend
  • the myths of relationship longevity
  • 3 simple things you can do to become more attractive (they’re not what you think!)
  • what to stop doing that pushes love away

How would you feel if you booked a date by the end of the call, not just any date, but with someone who really had a genuine interest in your happiness? I guarantee that will happen for you if you call in.

Curious? Interested?

What if it was true? Are you ready? Are you willing?

Already in a relationship? There’s plenty for you here too! Everything I cover in the call applies to help any relationship flourish. <3

You don’t want to miss out on this call! Love is in the air!
Sign up for details!