My Coach Totally Busted Me!

This week we dive into the right language to use when talking about your dreams.

I was in a session with my coach and she totally busted me! She caught me talking about my dream in future tense which is a no-no when working on manifesting what you want.

Not only was I talking in future terms…

“…when it happens…”

“…maybe it will happen…”

“…I can’t wait until…”

I was also using word and phrases that were laced with doubt…if, when, maybe. My energy was sending out thoughts to the universe that were pushing my dream farther away keeping a gap between my dream and what I want in my life.

My coach said…”Nicole, stop that! You’re talking about your dream like it’s far away, stop that!” We laughed because as a coach, I’m suppose to know better. But even I get caught up in doubt, self-limiting thoughts and beliefs…hello, that’s why I have a coach!

I was so grateful she pointed it out to me. I just didn’t realize how much I was talking about and thinking about my dream with a “hopefully it happens someday” kind of energy. Even saying “it’s happening” is still future tense.

And to make sure I really received the message. later in the week I heard someone else doing it. They did the same thing, “…when it happens…it will be awhile but…it’ll hopefully all come together”.  Busted!

So this is your reminder, or lesson in case you didn’t know, stop “coach swearing” (that’s what my coaching and I decided to call it!)

Talk about your dream in present tense, it’s here…in fact, it already happened!

Better yet, take these few short but powerful steps to bring it forward even faster and keep you on track and consistent. Your thoughts, energy and words will align and send out the right message to the universe, you’ll have the right energy when you take action on your dreams.

  1. Write out your dream, in detail, present tense. “I am so happy now that…having this is so fulfilling because…this is what I wanted and more” and so on.
  2. Speak your dream forward. Read your words out loud, even better if in front of the mirror while you look yourself in the eye. This is a powerful way to make your words reality, to proclaim to not only the universe but to yourself that what you dream of is already here.
  3. Repeat, repeat, repeat! Read your written dream so many times it feels like a memory. It already happened, describe the wonderful details to yourself and others just like you would any wonderful memory. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is reality and what you create as reality, it has no sense of time. Everything is right now. So live in your dream now. By doing this, you align your energy and your dream to bring it all together and connect the dots.
  4. Celebrate and show up expecting the best. That’s right, live your life as if your dreams have already happened. In the quantum field they already have, you are simply expecting the very best to show up for you in what we can call ‘real time’. If you knew your dreams were guaranteed to happen, how would you show up? What kind of energy would you have? Don’t wait, show up that way now.

These are important tips because you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you believe, you get what you tell  yourself and what you tell others. Speak your dream forward and live your big dreams now!

And by all means, stop “coach swearing”!!!

You matter and I’m here to hold you to it!

“I don’t have time.”

“I’m so, busy and overwhelmed that I’m not setting aside the time do what I need to or what I want to.”

“I want to focus on me, but it feels impossible.”

“And it’s no one’s fault but my own.”

“I just need to make some time to do it.”

If that’s what’s going on in your head or the story you’re saying out loud. Stop right now.

Time is a funny thing, it feels like there’s never enough. But believe it or not, that’s a mindset not a truth.

There is enough, but for whatever the reason, your days are not full of what you really want leaving you feeling behind, empty, frustrated or discouraged. Ultimately, leaving you feeling last on the list.

I’m here to remind you, you deserve better.

Check out this exercise to help you get clear on WHY time is slipping away from you. Why you are not your first priority.

I promise, it will only take you 5 minutes or less. And if you don’t have at least 5 minutes, pick up your phone and call me right now, I’m calling code red, we’re in emergency mode!!!!

You’ll need a pen and paper for this one.

Set a timer for 1 minutes. Not an hour, just 1 minute.

Write the first question on your paper. Then start writing whatever comes through. Keep writing until you have nothing left or the timer goes off.

As you ask yourself the following questions – answer truthfully, whatever FIRST pops in your mind:

1) What keeps getting in the way of making myself a priority?

2) What am I telling myself is more important than me?

3) Why do I feel these things are more important than me?

4) Why am I important? Why do I deserve to be my first priority?

*5) Bonus question: What happens if I don’t make a change and put myself first?

Ok, how did you do?

You can certainly spend more time with these questions…and your answers, but doing this fast eliminates the filter you use to tell you why it’s ok, why it’s fine, why it’s not forever, why it’s just the way your life is, etc.

I call bullcrap on that. You matter. You are a priority and I’m here to hold you to it.

Enough is enough. You can’t keep scrambling your way through your life if you’re not happy and you’re not feeling fulfilled.

You get one shot at today, one shot at tomorrow…you owe it to yourself to make them as blissful as possible. Because time goes by with or without your joy.

If this is something you want support on and you’re not already working with me, apply for a free Personal Intuition Assessment. Let’s get to the bottom of this so you can start living a life of personal freedom.

Let’s make time your bitch. HA!

Oh, and finally….stop saying “I don’t have time” and start saying “Time expands to meet my needs”. Works like a charm!


Fennel Essential Oil For Gut Health?

Fennel_lgYou bet!!

The burden of gastrointestinal disorders and poor gut health is ever increasing. In fact the numbers are staggering at 60 to 70 million people affected by all digestive diseases!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – 15.3 million people
Crohn’s Disease – 359,000 people
Chronic Constipation – 63 million people

Wondering why I’m highlighting aids for digestive disorders?

Because too many people are living with these symptoms and they don’t know what to do about it.

They’ve tried ‘everything’ and still they suffer on a daily basis, uncomfortable, uneasy, gaining weight, feeling sluggish, frustrated and sick of feeling that way. (been there, done that)

In my coaching practice, nearly 80-90% of the people I work with have over-active or under-active guts.

Coincidence? No.

Most of my clients come to me because they’re not getting what they want from life, they feel trapped, stuck and frustrated. Many suffer from high anxiety and as a result they feel depressed and out of control, like their life has hit a brick wall and they can’t see a way around it.

Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States
Depression affects approximately 14.8 million American adults

Those emotions have to go somewhere, they must be expressed – and that happens physically.

Every emotion has a physical component.

So it only makes sense that toxic emotions like anxiety and depression affect the gut in very negative and damaging, painful ways.

I help people get to know their intuition, reconnect like an old friend. They learn how to tune in and trust the message and health is restored.

When intuitive signals are ignored from lack of awareness, self-doubt, distractions or low self-esteem – the gut pays the price and life starts feeling heavy inside and out.

Your gut is your second brain.

You have an amazing, built-in system to guide you to make the right decisions and direct your life in a positive way.

Your gut’s brain known as the enteric nervous system (ENS), is a mind-blowing 100 million neurons (more than in the spinal cord but a lot fewer than in the brain).

What’s more amazing is how it’s intricately laid out over a folded surface area more than a hundred times greater than that of your skin and can work all on its own, without any input from your brain!

“The gut can work independently of any control by the brain in your head—it’s functioning as a second brain, it’s another independent center of integrative neural activity.”Michael Gershon, professor and chair of pathology and cell biology at Columbia.

For anyone that’s suffered from any of these miserable symptoms I’ve mentioned, I feel your pain.

Yes, I suffered from a range of issues for years, depending on what I was dealing with in my life. As my anxiety or heavy thoughts would rise and fall my gut would go right along – and my energy as well. I was a mess inside for most of my life.

Most people are surprised when I share that because they see me now, feeling good, calm, happy and elevated. It took me years of discovering the root cause, trying products, foods, energy exercises, reprogramming my mindset to resolve my symptoms.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you, so you don’t have to wait years to feel as good as I do.

When your gut is unhealthy, you definitely don’t feel ‘quite right’, you certainly don’t feel inspired to climb the mountain that leads to your big dream!

And that’s unacceptable to me. You deserve to feel amazing, to pursue every dream – now, today, without hesitation.

Because deep down it’s your beliefs that create your life experience. If you have physical symptoms, chances are you have limiting-beliefs creating negative emotions. Those symptoms are simply your body’s way of telling you it’s time to make a change in your belief structure.

Using something as simple and natural (and inexpensive) as essential oils can provide relief. It’s not the end-all, be-all for the root cause of your symptoms but it’s one of many tools you’ll start to learn about here.

Fennel essential oil exudes a unique licorice aroma and flavor and dates back to ancient Rome. More importantly, it can be used to promote healthy digestion.

Relieves Gas and Constipation

Fennel essential oil can help to clear the bowels, relieve constipation, and get rid of gas and bloating, providing much-needed relief.

Aids in Weight Loss

Fennel has a long history of use as a weight-loss aid. Fennel seed essential oil can help support weight loss because it can boost your metabolism while suppressing your appetite. It also has the ability to help minimize fat deposits in your bloodstream by using stored energy sources. Try adding small amounts of fennel into your diet with other healthy foods and in your tea.

Reduce and Prevent Gut Spasms

Spasms in the gut are definitely no joke. Fennel essential oil may have a relaxing effect on your body, including the muscles in the intestinal region. This relaxation of the gut can really make a difference if enduring a spasmodic attack, giving you quick relief from muscle spasms in the gut.

Here are a few ways you can use fennel oil:

  • If you have an upset stomach, diarrhea or any digestive issues, you can try adding one to two drops of fennel essential oil to a cup of peppermint tea and slowly sip. It can help relieve digestive problems quickly.
  • You can add one to two drops of fennel essential oil instead of using the fennel bulb, for antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits.
  • Add one drop fennel essential oil and one drop wild orange to eight ounces of water for a great way to hydrate and possibly stave off hunger.
  • Fennel essential oil can reduce and prevent spasms in the gut
  • You can rub in on your stomach or the bottom of your feet to for digestive relief.
  • Place one drop of fennel essential oil on your toothbrush when brushing to help fight sweet tooth cravings and provide antimicrobial benefits for the gums.
  • Add one to two drops in a glass of warm water or chamomile tea for an upset stomach.
  • For relaxation and anxiety relief, combine one drop of fennel essential oil with one to two drops of lavender oil and a carrier oil, and rub on your neck, chest and cup your hands over your mouth while taking slow, deep breaths.

So there you have it, Fennel oil. Who knew right? Now you do.

To order, simply visit

And as a bonus, my gift to you

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Because maybe you’re ready for new adventures. Maybe you have a big dream in the works. Or maybe you’re just ready for change in some area of your life. They all go together to help you own your happy and find your freedom.

You deserve to be the healthiest and happiest person possible. I’m here to help.

Put me to work! Get your order for Fennel oil in now and I’ll send you the quiz pronto and get your summary to you asap!

Are you planning for success?

I love when a client starts implementing positive, simple changes to their daily life. Limits and boundaries are demolished, the flood gates open and wonderful possibilities become amazing reality.

Here’s what one of my clients shared after completing just 2 modules and 2 private sessions in my Positively Living Mentor Program:
“…working together has been a great process of discovery and learning about myself. Its amazing how many self imposed barriers and limitations I have placed on myself. Now that I have/am identifying them I AM READY to shatter them and move forward on this journey! Thank you so much for all the great insight, advice, and knowledge you have imparted upon me!”
It’s not a fluke, not an accident. We hit the ground running with a plan. We set the table for success with intention. We clarify what they want.

Too many people go through their days focused on what they don’t want to happen, this sets the expectation that’s what will show up. And they are right. Thinking about what you don’t want is basically planning for it to happen.

Imagine you were hosting a dinner party..

You would plan for success yes?
e86f57cdfa45475ab1372f69ff85d63bYou would decide who you want to invite, send out invites, select your menu items, create an ingredient list, go grocery shopping, prepare your food, set the table and have it all ready by the time the guests were due to arrive. Your imagination would take over as you joyfully put the details together.

You would purposefully take action, moving through each step, with the end vision in mind – your guests having an amazing time at your dinner party.

It’s no different when you want something new in your life whether it be a new job, growing your business, finding a great relationship – set your expectation then joyfully plan for success.

Getting more of what you want in life is just like planning a dinner party. You set your expectation, plan for success – and take action on what you want with joy!

You purposefully take action as you move through each step with your end vision in mind which is – you getting exactly what you intended.

Yet too many times people set their expectation and then they stop, then they worry, and eventually they doubt.

Here are a few common mistakes that keep people from getting what they want and how to effectively set your expectation and plan for success:

  • They don’t have a clear vision. Just like deciding to host a dinner party, decide what you really want as an end result or outcome.
  • They don’t plan. You would create lists throughout the planning process for your dinner party, the same goes for getting what you want. Write it out!
  • They don’t take action. When planning for a dinner party, you create a timeline for your list items and final event and you take action to get them done. To get what  you want, you must take action on your plan.
  • They worry they will not get what they want. While you may stress a bit during the prepping for a dinner party, you have full expectation that the outcome will be a success. Apply the same energy to your life goals, expect the best as your outcome.
71ab5691d6304322978fe20fe4d1ba29A dinner party is such a simple example but it works.

The process for success is the same whether you’re planning a simple party, or trying to lose weight, write a book or any other life goal.

If you feel fuzzy about any of the steps, how to apply them to get what you really want to see in your life, you’re not alone.

For many people they know exactly what they want but they have no idea how to get it, for others they only know what they don’t want – and usually that’s exactly what they have, and they don’t know how to change it.

Just yesterday a new client said “I know what I want, but I get stuck on HOW to make it happen.”
Wherever you are on your journey, if you’d like to explore this approach with support, I invite you to schedule a free Personal Intuition Assessment. Together we’ll explore what you want, what’s holding you back and how to move forward with intention just like hosting a dinner party!

(Maybe the next dinner party you host is to celebrate you getting what you really want!)

Are you feeling stuck? Craving clarity?

Are you seeking more purpose and passion in your life? Or is there something crazy-fun you want to add to your already awesome life?

Too many people are living a ‘so-so’ life. Day in, day out, doing what needs to be done, hoping to get what they want so they can move closer to what they wish for. That’s the long process.

There’s a better way to get what you wish for. And it’s more fun.

Join us to create a treasure map to a LIFE YOU LOVE at our  Positivity Party – Dreamboard Workshop.

Wednesday, June 29th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. (RSVP by purchasing your $30 ticket by 6/24/16)
Loft 24 – Party & Event Rental Space, 1341 W. Wisconsin Ave, Oconomowoc, WI

Join this 2 hour workshop to learn the art and science of how the seemingly mystical dreamboard works – and why it is so important in the dream making process.

Our intention in providing this workshop is to inspire you to awaken your BIG dreams.

I’ll guide you in using visualization techniques and emotion to  activate the dreams you wish to manifest. Learn how to create and use your board to make your dream life your real life. Your personal dreamboard is only limited by the extent of your own creativity!

Come set your intentions, find your clarity and DREAM BIG with us!

$30 Per Person, Includes:
*Guided meditation, intention setting & visualization exercises led by Nicole Isler
*All materials are provided – just bring your dreams & imagination
*Sweet Treats & Beverages (wine or non-alcoholic)
*Visual dream board creation by YOU!
*A fun and friendly party environment!
*We set up the craft space and clean it up!
*Dream activation prizes! (Bring a friend for an extra entry – 1 ticket per friend!)
* 20% off a DreamBoard session with Big Dream Awakening. More information at the workshop.