Surround Yourself with Positive People

Being around the ‘wrong’ kind of people complicates your energy and your life.

So it seems obvious to be around positive people.  I hear you saying “well of course!” Unfortunately actually pulling it off is sometimes a challenge.

Deep down we are social beings, we crave connection.

However, that doesn’t mean spending your time with any Joe-shmoe who’s available or with people you just happen to find yourself with because you met 15 years ago.

If your circle of friends consists of “negative” people, then I assure you your life will sooner or later become extremely complicated, full of negativity and problems. And you spending time in those relationships means more recovery work for you afterward.

What qualifies as a ‘negative person’? Well that’s up to you and determined by how you feel when you’re around them, how you feel after being with them.

If you’re drained, stressed, anxious or tense – they may not be ‘your kind’. If your energy is just trashed and you have to disconnect from everything to recover – I’d say that’s a pretty good sign.

On the other hand, if your friends have an uplifting spirit and a positive mindset you’re in the right friend zone.

People you spend time with should help you to grow into the best version of yourself and do their best to bring more happiness into your life.

Therefore, you should make sure to choose your friends carefully. Why people spend their precious time and energy trying to convince someone of their goals, dreams or self-worth is beyond me.

You are not ‘required’ to stay friends forever based on the length of time you’ve known them, what they once did for you when you needed it or because they’re really going through a rough patch right now. Hell, you’re not even required to stay connected because they are your parent.

This is your life. Your experience. You owe no one.

If someone does not value you, support you or encourage you – it’s best to walk away or keep your interaction minimal.

Buddha said to have uttered the following words:
“If you cannot find a good companion to travel with, walk alone, like an elephant roaming the jungle. It is better to be alone than to be with those who will hinder your progress.”

True that.

I’ve walked alone many times. But never for very long.

The Universe seemed to know just when to fill that space with someone I really needed, enjoyed and appreciated. People who helped me become the best version of myself.

The same goes for you.

Looking for more positive people who really get you? Join us at The Happy Place for Highly Sensitive People. I know you’ll be surrounded by the most positive people on the planet. Sensitives have a way of shining their light to make it a better day.

Is there someone in your life that brings you down? Or worse, do they knock you down? Maybe it’s time to revisit the future of that relationship.

Who lifts you up? Who positively challenges you? Who helps you become the best version of you? Those are the keepers.


When I was a little kid I loved to play. And I was cool all on my own, but it was so much more fun when I had a special friend to do silly things with.

I’m no different today.

I see you over there. Trying to cram one more thing in your busy day. And I totally get it. Hand raised HIGH, I’m guilty too.

We work and work. We get very serious about the long list of things we need to get done. Because we have dreams, things we want to accomplish.

🛑But all work and no play makes for a very tired soul. You feel lost, detached, unemotional and rigid in your routine.

Where’s the fun in that?

👉🏻🎉Play is the gateway to vitality and the activator for passion and creativity. It just feels good.

It also:
🎉Generates optimism and feeds the soul
🎉Makes perseverance and dream work fun
🎉Gives the immune system a bounce
🎉Promotes a sense of belonging and community.

So I guess the question is….

Will you come out and play with me?

Let’s get our fun vibe rockin’!

✅It’s time to join me in The Happy Place for Highly Sensitive People Facebook Group. Where we take fun to a whole new level.

Your soul is ready to come out and play and you are too! Your people are waiting!

See you there!

Nicole, Your HSP Bestie xo


Are there things in your life you wish could pull a ‘Bewitched’ and wiggle your nose at to make them disappear? If only it were that easy, right?

Most people scramble through, doing and doing, all while loading more on their plate. Most of what’s on their plate doesn’t matter, it’s not going to bring them closer to what they want to see in their life.

➡️➡️➡️Does this feel like you?

Most likely you’re pretty clear about what you don’t want. It’s obvious when you don’t want something – it eats at you, frustrates you and the thought of it makes you cringe or want to run away.

Unfortunately, wiggling your nose won’t do a damn thing for creating more space, time and energy for the things you enjoy and really want to see in your life.

So what will get it done? Where should you start?

👉🏻🚫📝Start by creating “A Don’t Want List”.

Ps…want more tips like this? Come say hello>>

Step 1: Take inventory.
Go through your life, your home, your relationships, your garage, your office, your kid’s rooms, your thoughts, your diet, etc.

Write down everything that drains your energy when you look at it, or even think about it, whatever you can’t stand or don’t want. Your thoughts about any of these things are just as draining. If you feel “ugh” or a heaviness about a thought you have often, it goes on the list. (self-doubt, negative self-talk, etc)

Pay no concern to how many things are on the list, no worry to how some of the “bigger, heavier” things will disappear from your life. This step is about identifying what you don’t want in your life. What is taking up space and draining your energy.

Step 2: Get to work!
This is important – start with the EASIEST thing on your list. This is about building momentum not tackling the biggest, hardest thing first. Once you’ve selected the easiest thing to take care of, decide when you can address it.

Take care of it-as soon as possible. There’s power in action. You’ll get a rush when it’s finally handled. As you cross off each item, your brain releases chemicals that build your self-esteem. For the more time consuming items, (like cleaning your garage, losing weight, etc) block time on your calendar in advance to knock those things off your list.

As you examine what is NOT working and what you DON’T want – keep in mind it is only for housekeeping reasons, so you can eliminate it.

🗑In order to get what you DO want, you must eliminate what you DON’T want.

Success does not flow into clutter, new ideas do not flow into a chaotic mind and new opportunities do not manifest if the Universe observes you are too overwhelmed or disorganized. There’s just no room.

💡Even if something amazing is sent your way, you probably wouldn’t notice it anyway.

When there’s no room in your life emotionally, physically or mentally, there’s no chance of fresh energy flowing in. The opportunities that do come your way risk failure, or worse, if they’re not aligned with what you want, they only bring burden.

A very important step in creating your dream as your life is to eliminate what you don’t want to open up space and energy for things you DO want.

✴️You can use this energy tool anytime you feel overwhelmed, flat or out of control. I’ve used it for years and I will continue to. It’s helped me clear out the mental and emotional clutter as much as the physical clutter. It helped me spark my passion and it will help you too.

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💜We are a group of individuals JUST LIKE YOU. Life isn’t meant to be travelled alone. Come say hello and grow together.

Nicole, Your HSP Bestie xo


Does life feel like a grind? Have you lost your ability to feel joy, to play, to be creative?

When’s the last time you did something just for the fun of it?

Maybe you’re thinking:
🌪Are you kidding, have you seen my life?
🌪I have too many things to do.
🌪I don’t have time.
🌪Sure, maybe someday.
🌪Once again…are you kidding me????

I hear that word in your head. Priorities. Let’s get clear on what matters most in life….

👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻IT’S YOU!!!!!!!!

Nothing, and I mean nothing is more important than YOU!

It’s not hard to lose your days to stress, bullshit and everyone else’s urgent needs. Life can be demanding and it doesn’t always take NO for an answer.

👆🏻🌟What if I told you it’s time to rise up to your greatness? It’s time to do this while staying energized, passionate and happy.


When your energy charge is balanced, you feel in harmony, connected and inspired. You are able to express yourself creatively and to embrace each new experience life offers — both good and bad. You are more positive and confident.

As you increase your energy, you increase the ability to handle more demands. You no longer bottom out. This allows you to increase your capacity and live a richer, more vibrant life. You can’t help but dream bigger, feel lighter and activate your superpowers!

How you handle or don’t handle daily stress is the difference between living fully and trying to keep up.

🖤💔Is stress taking a toll on your wellbeing? Are you taking the steps necessary to recover and replenish your energy? It’s time you started.

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💟“I’m getting the support I desperately needed, I’m feeling more free and happy. I’m learning/understanding new things about myself.”

💟“My love list far exceeds my dislike list. This was not the case when I first met Nicole.”

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Not sure how to get the spark you once had back? Life tends to happen all at once. It can even completely fall apart.

While you were busy watching the bottom fall out, that sneaky culprit called WORRY creeps into your life, sucking the wonderful energy right out of your soul.

Do you feel:
🛑Dull or blah
🛑Lethargic or heavy
🛑Wondering what your true gifts are

When you crave more than a hot fudge sunday! You want that magical feeling inside that makes you feel all things are possible! The one that pops you up out of bed in the morning and screams conquer this amazing day!

👉🏻✨❤✨Are you ready to get back to the wonder and passion? To feel energized and confident in all aspects of your life? Are you ready to finally feel the flow?

Here’s an easy way to ignite that spark you crave-

📝Create a list of everything and anything you can think of that you love and enjoy.❤

☕️🎨Include hobbies, exercise, activity, foods, people, places you go. Whatever lifts your spirit, energizes, stirs your creative juices, makes you feel like a kid inside, happy and carefree.

Continue to add to your list as you think of or discover what you like and enjoy that’s good for you.

✔️As you plan your day, choose things from your list and add them to your daily tasks to keep a balance of good and healthy with the things you have to do.

This helps to release tension, counteract pressure and eliminate resistance so you can love your life in every moment and keep your intuition free and clear.

💎💎Why does this matter?💎💎

When stress hits you may not remember to do something that feels good for you. If you’re going through a moment or time of stress, you can go to your list and simply scan for something that feels good to go do in that moment.

Simple ideas to release stress and connect with source:
✨Sing your favorite song
✨Blow bubbles
✨Dance in your kitchen
✨Walk through the woods
✨Have a cup of tea
✨Smile just because

👎🏻You don’t have to settle for bland. Life can feel wondrous, dreamy and passionate again! I’m here to show you how.

💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻COME OVER AND JOIN >>> The Happy Place for Highly Sensitive People Facebook Group.

🎉Where we embrace joy, passion and all the little things that make YOU happy. See you there>>


And then feel totally horrible afterward?

It’s hard when that happens. However, this is a good indicator that energy is not where it should be. It can feel scary, like you’re not in control of your emotions.

When you’re in a snapped mode, you get angry and it’s really hard to be nice to anyone, even though you hate feeling that way.

And then even worse, it can take days to recover from the guilt and shame of losing your cool.

❤👉🏻❤👉🏻As a highly sensitive person it’s easy to absorb a lot of tension, or negative charge. You need to retreat for a while. If you’re not given the space to do that, you feel trapped.


👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻Do you ever feel:
❌Ready to blow a gasket?
❌Like you’ve lost control?

Having the right balance influences your ability to relate to other people and the world around you, and keeps things on an even keel. You feel energized, but not raw and overstimulated.

🌩☁️🌤☀️Clearing and balancing your energy centers can help you regain your zest for life without zapping you and everyone around you.

❤👆🏻Turn up the passion and enjoy your life more. Let go, be free, and enjoy change and transformation without all the pressure.

😔💔If you feel like the SNAPPED process keeps rearing its ugly head, I want to help.

>>>  <<<

I offer 60 minute Energy Tune-Up Sessions that are guaranteed to clear the negative energy out.

💔👉🏻❤In just 60 minutes we will-🙌🏻
☀️Assess your chakras
☀️Clear any blockages
☀️Give you the tools and tips you need
☀️Create a deeper alignment with your soul

👍🏻PLUS the entire session is recorded so you can check back in when needed.

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First let’s get something right out in the open – in my community we 🎉CELEBRATE SENSITIVITY🎉

✔That means you don’t have to awkwardly try to explain your sensitivity away. You don’t have to worry that you’ll be shunned or that we won’t “get it”. We totally get it and we freakin’ applaud it👏🏻You are here to be your BEST SELF – and this is a great community to help you do that.

I’m sure it won’t take long to see we have a party vibe in all we do here🎉🎈because as I said, we are here to 🎉CELEBRATE YOUR SENSITIVITY🎉

I spent too many years feeling bad about my sensitivity. You’re “too sensitive” was a running theme for me. I felt bad, like there was something wrong with me❌

💖I am here to have a JOYFUL experience and I believe YOU are too.

🌈That’s why The Happy Place for Highly Sensitive People was born☀

➡If you’re HSP or an Empath, looking for empowerment, resources, sensitive peeps, energy tools and support- welcome, you are in the right place!👍🏻


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I help HSP and empath clients who genuinely want my support, and mentor them on how to thrive in an insensitive world that isn’t filled with equally sensitive people. (I’m an HSP and psychic empath – I totally get it.)

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I was the Wicked Queen of “Shouldsville” to myself. A constant, brutal and overbearing, nagging voice in my head telling me “You should do this, you should do that”.

As in “you should get more sleep, you should work out more, you should really clean up that mess or finish that project already”. It was like one long, cold finger poking me in the chest about everything I should do.

Realize that even if the thing you think you “should do” is GOOD for you, the pressure you put on yourself is not. It makes the positive a negative.

Living with this kind of pressure is literally like being penned in by an invisible barrier. Every time you try to venture out and do something for yourself, you hit an energetic wall and wind up right back where you were – or worse.

These ‘made up’ bullcrap rules keep you trapped.


What rules have you adopted or inherited without realizing it? What are the “shoulds” and “have tos” you put on yourself?

Grab your pen, it’s time for a PAPER RANT.

Give some thought to identify any and all rules you feel you “have to” follow, all the shoulds you make yourself live by.

> Do you say yes to everything at work because you feel you “have to”?
> Do you find yourself telling others you really “should” eat healthier, lose 5 lbs or clean more?
> Do you tell yourself you “have to” clean before you can relax?
> Do you spin a story to everyone that you “have to” do all the work, no one helps you, etc.?

Oh so many scenarios to pick from! (ugh)

Whatever comes to mind that feels heavy, write it down.

Choosing to do something from pressure is not healthy and it creates feelings of guilt, disappointment, anxiety and who knows what else-plus you won’t stick with it – and that takes you down the “I suck” rabbit hole.

Doing anything from this energetic space will not benefit you. Actually, you won’t move the needle very far this way and you may even rebel against it at some point.

For example, if you think you “should” exercise more because you “have to”, it will probably keep you from exercising to rebel against the pressure. (I have clients that eat poorly or skip workouts, etc as a big “f-u” to that inner voice – and yet they’re only hurting themselves!)

A better thought might be “I work out because it’s good for me” or “I feel more powerful when I eat healthy” and so on. Thoughts like those about your goals feel good and feel more inviting. – definitely more motivating.

No one likes to be told what to do, not even by ourselves.

Spend a few minutes on this one. Feel free to add to this list as the days go by. You may realize more “rules” you weren’t aware of lurking in your life.

Every day practice putting yourself first.

When you give to yourself, you feed your soul.

Don’t let this practical writing tool of clearing and healing fool you. It’s powerful, tried and true.

The best part, you can use it anytime, anywhere, for zero dollars, it works instantly and you can put it into action-starting right away. Using simple tools like this will help you increase your energy and awareness in ways that can only be done with energy medicine – from the INSIDE => OUT.

In case no one ever told you, clearing negative energy does not have to be complicated.

It may seem odd to consider this ‘quick tip’ as a form of medicine but this is in fact part of the shift I wish to awaken within you.

You hold the power to heal yourself and create a life you love.

So, next time your mind is racing and you don’t know what to do with the over-load of thoughts, use this tool of free writing. (ranting on paper until there is nothing more to say)

It’s the most effective tool when stuff starts piling up in your head. Your pen becomes the energy tool you need to transfer and release the thoughts, feelings and ideas that are swirling around in your head onto the paper.

Your mind is a powerful tool you can control, however, if your head is swimming with negative thoughts you won’t feel like you have control at all.

When you empty your mind you release negative energy that’s taking up space and not serving you.

Final step: Assess your negative ‘rules’ and spin them into positive, empowering statements. Repeat them as your inner mantras.

Build yourself with strong and noble thoughts. Then watch change happen for you as if by magic.

New motto: I will not should on myself!!

What are your “shoulds” and what are your new mantras???

What Sucks?

Yes you read that right. I am asking you what sucks?

I was listening to my mentor Amethyst Mahoney during a workshop and she played this game called “What Sucks, What Rocks” with a participant. She had the participant list off all the things that sucked, then all the things that rocked. I thought it was genius! Their energy went from really low, cleared and then ended on a high vibe.

It reminded me of a client that once asked me if it was ok to say “life sucks ” because that’s how she was feeling at the time. I replied yes, in fact I said, it’s more than ok, it’s raw but it’s REAL.

There are days that feel like your whole world is wrong. (even when it’s not really true)

One of the problems I have with the whole positivity wave is that people actually feel bad – about themselves – when they want to be positive, but they feel like life sucks.

They feel like a failure saying things like “I try to be positive but…”

Admitting you’re NOT fine does NOT mean you did something wrong, are not a positive person or that you failed at being your best self.

It’s the truth in the moment.

Why lie to yourself?? When did pretending everything is ‘fine’ ever get you what you wanted?


Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!If I frost a plastic cake does that make it a yummy cake? Nope. So pretending you’re fine when you’re not is NOT going to make your life any yummier either. (I love cake. Don’t mess with my cake. Yes I said yummier.)

Let’s stop lying to ourselves and just be open and honest.

I’ll go first.

I’ve been having a few days where I feel like nothing I want is coming together.

The kind of day where my mind keeps mulling through all the shit that went wrong, the rights that didn’t go my way, the ugly warts of life and crappy feeling outcomes.

And it feels really weird to even admit that I have those thoughts – to you. I can do it to myself, but to openly say that I’ve been feeling sucky just seems like I’m going against my own grain.

But bullshit never accomplished anything. Truth matters. Truth makes all the difference in clearing negative energy and up leveling your vibration.

Otherwise you’re just slapping lipstick on a pig as the saying goes.

And the truth is there will be days where life feels like it just sucks. Where all the decisions you categorize as MISTAKES wickedly laugh in your face. And all you can say is “this sucks”.

Or maybe all you can do is cry. And I have.

Or pout. Yep, did that too.

But I didn’t stay there. I know better. I’ve learned the hard way what staying in crappy thinking gets me.

Zip. Zilcho. Nada. Or worse.

What’s worse than not getting what you want? Getting what you don’t want.

I end up feeling like a loooooser. And it’s a long way back.

Now if you know me, you may be thinking… “but Nicole, you’re so positive. And, you just moved into a new house, you should be grateful.”

I am. I always have more to be grateful for than I have to throw a tantrum about. Feeling the way I’ve been feeling does not take away all my gratitude or blessings.

But that’s not what’s rising to the surface for me this week.

The nasty, shitty, icky stuff is festering and gurgling in my energy. And I need to deal with it so I can wash it away.

Have you ever had a pot boil over on the stove?

All is calm and good at first, then the heat rises and the water starts to boil…you think all is under control, you turn away for one second it seems….and next thing you know you’re running to turn the heat down screaming “nooooo”!

But it’s too late. You have a mess to clean up. An unexpected mess might I add. You initially think “what the hell, how did I let that happen?” and then quickly move to get it cleaned up.

You don’t stew about it, you just get it cleaned up. (pun intended)

No one puts anything on a burner to purposely have it boil over.

Energy works the same way. All good and calm, next thing you know, you’re crap’s boiling over – all over your life and it’s messy.

When it does, you can feel grateful for the mess. It’s an opportunity to clean it up and start fresh.

Because something interesting happens for me after the ‘woe is me’ bubbles up and over. I get a little pissed off and I want to do something about it. (just like the pot on the stove)

“What the hell is going on here? This is NOT who I am! I’ve made it through worse than this. I’m NOT a quitter. F*ck this, I’m in charge and it’s time for ACTION. Time to get this mess cleaned up.”

There you go, welcome to my inner dialogue.

I know that when my energy is messy, it really means good things are happening under the surface. I’m getting rid of what I don’t need.

So is it really wrong to focus on what sucks?

That depends.

If you rant off all the things that suck….and add why they suck, how they suck, with all the gory details and so on to yourself and everyone you know…then yes. It’s absolutely, hideously damaging to your energy.

Why? Because you get attached and create a victim story you cannot deny. By telling all the messy details (that feel like justification) you own that story as a piece of who you are.

This is where I would blast the fog horn and tell you WRONG.

All the shitty details are NOT who you are. They don’t even exist…you created all those details and gave them meaning, none of which serves you in any way.

Details of any story are all a matter of perspective.

On the surface it may feel like some sort of badge of honor. “Look what I’ve been going through”. But what you’re really telling yourself is “I give up”, “I can’t do this”, “I’m not good enough”, “I suck”.

If you simply state the answer to WHAT SUCKS and move on, you’re literally moving through it.

You’re not owning it, you’re not giving it presence in your life. You’re basically saying, “don’t like this, so what, I’m over it, I’m bigger than this – because I’m moving forward to something better”.

Back in my days of management, I used to tell anyone that worked on my team that venting was totally acceptable, bitching was not.

Venting by my definition is getting it all out, dumping the crap, getting things off your chest so you could feel free and clear. (let’s call it verbally vomiting but not at anyone, just purging what’s not agreeing with your system, a true rant)

Bitching is mulling through the same story, issue or problem day in and day out, to everyone you talk to, annoying everyone around you because all they can think is – enough already. You never take any action to change it, you just keep talking about it like it just happened. (it could be 3 years later, still telling the same story) That is bitching in my book.

Yes, I’m guilty. There’s this weird attachment we have to our stories. At some level feeling like “it may be shitty, but it’s my shitty so I’m going to honor it by talking about it over and over again”.


There’s no honor in that.

Honor is having a not so great experience and rising up stronger because of it.

Tell that part of the story. How you overcame, conquered, kicked some ass. Are you with me on that?

So, today…you have full permission to RANT, VENT and PURGE.

Whether you do this verbally with a friend or with pen and paper…get it all out.

Because by doing this, you’re being HONEST, REAL AND RAW with yourself and your energy will thank you for it.

When you clear out the ugly, you make room for the beauty. That nasty energy is taking up precious real estate.

Dreams need room to manifest in your energy.

Aristotle once postulated, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Meaning that any empty space must be filled with something – you can make sure it is something good.

With that said, what sucks?

Get it out….then MAKE SURE you get really clear about what you DO want to manifest so you can fill in the space on your terms.

A bit fuzzy about what that really looks like for you? Schedule a free Have Your Cake & Eat It Too session!

We’ll work through what sucks and get you crystal clear on what kind of cake you really want…I mean what kind of life you really want. (sorry, cake on the brain)

The bold, brave, loud and proud version – the one you maybe haven’t let yourself really believe is possible for you – yet.

That’s where I can help. I’m pretty snappy at helping people DREAM like a badass.

No holds barred, no house rules or limitations…dreams that are ALL OUT, OVER THE TOP, frosted and delicious! Whatever the hell it is you really want to see for your life.

Are you ready to dream like a badass?

Then get on my calendar…I’m ready and waiting to help you clear the mess and get to the good stuff.

I say…Have your cake & eat it too. (and no calories in this kind of cake!)

Any tips for blocking negative energy?

A great question from a Facebook member!

Hear no, see no, speak no NEGATIVITY!She said: “Last week someone was very angry at me. I didn’t even have contact with them but heard about it. I felt like I could feel her anger attacking me. I felt worn down and chest was tight. Any tips for blocking negative energy?”

First I’d like to say to you – I’m sorry you had to go through that. I think we’ve all been there, someone just throws up on you emotionally and it’s not cool.

There is good news. There are things you can do to release the negative energy.

Unfortunately we cannot block all negative energy because we are not always “on guard”. Sometimes people sucker punch you with their negative ickiness.

But you can prep yourself with awesome self-care, mindset work, lots of H2O and deep breathing throughout your day to release tension, keep you strong and alert and pumped full of positivity – in fact, those are a must, must in your personal care plan.

However there will be times when something happens unexpectedly, when you’re feeling tired or when someone else has a freak out “just because”, etc. that will challenge your energy and shove you off balance. It’s important to be prepared but it’s just as important to have recovery tools.

If someone is being awful and unreasonable, it’s totally normal and ok to not like it!

The fact that your chest felt tight is a definite symptom of Heart chakra pain. It’s associated with having a “broken heart,” often from being let down in some way by someone. Feeling “her anger attacking me” is a pretty good indicator that you were feeling it in your heart chakra.

Emotions connected with the heart chakra include on the not so good side – hate, anger, bitterness, resentment, grief, self-centeredness, loneliness – and on the good side -forgiveness, compassion, generosity, gratitude, commitment, trust, loyalty and the ability to follow one’s heart – a mix of a lot of emotions!

Try this process:

Step 1 – no matter what: Acknowledge and realize what you are feeling. Create awareness about your feelings. This also helps you honor your own feelings.

Example “I’m suddenly feeling awful, I don’t like feeling this way.” (this puts you in control of your feelings not the other way around)

Step 2 – Assess where it’s coming from. “Why am I suddenly feeling this way?” (because your energy was fine prior to the event – it’s not always obvious where it’s coming from like in this situation) Once you determine “is this my stuff or theirs?” you can move forward.

Step 3: Get to work on your energy.

If it is your stuff, you can journal, go for a walk, use tapping/EFT, do something to break the thought pattern and move your energy. You can and need to work through your own feelings.

Ask yourself this question to get a new perspective that supports and serves you: “How is what I’m feeling, this situation perfect for me?”

If it’s really not your stuff, all of the above still applies, but it can be even easier to cut the tie to the negative energy when it’s not yours.

It’s really a matter of mindset – “this is not my mess to clean up”. And say it forceful if needed – NOT MINE and walk away.

Bonus Tip: Give yourself a visual of picking up a pile of garbage and dumping it, dropping it, walking away. (Visuals make energy feel tangible)

I’ve also had clients put their unwanted feelings that do not belong to them in a visual box and donate it to the Goodwill of the Universe. (the Universe will clean up the mess and redistribute positive emotions instead)

You can visualize cutting the energetic rope (her anger to you) and being free to walk away vs. staying tied to her.

This process takes practice.

I have learned how to flip my energy connection off in negative situations like a light switch. I honor what I feel but when I assess it’s not mine, I’m done with it.

There are times where negative energy lingers and I have to do a bit more work on it but it’s shorter periods of time that I have to work through it than it used to be. (I used to carry crap around with me for weeks and months!)

You can too. (and I’m here to help if you need it)

When someone is BLAMING they are really PROJECTING.

They are not owning any part of the issue or even being reasonable to resolve it. There is something within them they don’t like, don’t want to deal with, don’t want to own…so they throw it at you instead, sometimes verbally and sometimes energetically.

They just want you to be wrong. Regardless of what happened, that makes them part of the problem.

Things happen between people, misunderstandings, points taken wrong, etc. Anger doesn’t create peace. Simply approaching someone to discuss what happened and find resolution does.

“Learning to navigate your emotions is a process not an event.”

And I will add it’s a necessity.

Because the truth is, not everyone is giving a positive go at communication, feelings and relationships.

But with practice, you can be ready for them. Or at least dodge their sucker punch!