Finding the Positives you play and have fun, that’s when the magic happens! Celebrating and being grateful for small wins has a proven effect on dream work. Because like attracts like-if you feel happy, positive and grateful you’ll attract amazing and positive things that align with your dream.

It’s time to ramp up your happy vibe. Set your mind to scan for the good things in your life. You’ll see more possibility, feel more energy and bring yourself into better balance. When you feel happier, you dream at a higher level.

Get a dream journal and a pen and make this a daily habit. At the end of each day, make a list of 3 specific, good things that happened. Reflect on what caused them to happen, how they made you feel and why they made you feel good.

This could be anything big or small, as long as it makes you feel happy, grateful, joyful. Things like lunch with a good friend, playtime with your children, a free cup of coffee, it was a sunny day, etc.

You’ll feel your energy shift. This opens you up for possibilities. You create a vacuum for assistance from the universe. You will begin to notice the right people come into your life at the right time, resources you need appear out of thin air, doors will open and everything in your dream work will start to align effortlessly.

Start right now-what happened today that made you feel happy?

As you reflect on it, not only will you feel better, but know that your gratitude will attract just what you need to move you toward your big dream!

Dreamers Are Special people“I have a dream.” Certainly one of the famous quotes of our time. One man spoke those words and started a movement that changed our world forever. Imagine the courage and determination it took Martin Luther King Jr. to proclaim his dream to the world with so many odds against him.

That’s the power of a dreamer fueled by passion. They become unstoppable. Dreamers cannot rest once a dream in their heart begins to stir. Their passion grows and transformation begins. This passion turns darkness to light, hatred to love, desperation to inspiration. It creates miracles.

Simply put, dreamers are inspiration in motion.

Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg, John Lennon, (add your name here)-just a few dreamers that have inspired the world in amazing and beautiful ways.

When a dreamer steps into their calling, the world becomes a better place to live in, amazing things happen. Their fixed passion for the causes they believe in create positive change and influence others. The world needs more dreamers to step into their calling.

Unfortunately, many dreamers have not found the way to their dream yet. They wander through their life searching for deeper meaning, feeling lost or flat, uncertain why they feel the way they do. They have passionate visions but many times no direction to help them transform it into their reality.

Regardless, no matter what may not be going their way, a dreamer can’t help but feel deep down there must be more to life. They have an intuitive knowing they are meant for something great. This is what keeps them on “the hunt” for something bigger. And thank goodness because they have so much to offer the world!

I understand that dreamers are special people. I absolutely love how they’re wired. Many dreamers are misunderstood at times, but I totally get what they’re about. So of course my passion is helping dreamers unlock their someday box and help them see how to make their big dreams come true.

Is there a dream tucked away in your someday box? Sign up for my free meditation for the key to unlock your someday box. If you’d like help or clarity to awaken and release your big dream, apply for a free Dream Awakening session or call me at 262-501-5209.



Belief Turns The Key!

magic keyUnlock your someday box with the courage to believe.

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”-J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Without belief, your dream work will all be for nothing. No matter how much you dream of something, if you don’t believe in the possibility it can happen, you’ll never bring it to life.

Walt Disney lived his life as a grand adventure, dreaming big dreams, with no interest in being “sensible” or playing it safe.  Although his father insisted he stop dreaming and get a “real job” in a factory, he ignored his father’s advice and followed his heart. And thank goodness! The world continues to be delighted by his dream, his legend lives on.

As a young man he arrived in Hollywood with little more than pocket-change, the clothes on his back, and a dream.  Always believing anything was possible, he focused on dreams rather than obstacles.  He stayed true to his credo – Dream – Believe – Dare – Do. What worked for Walt, can work for you.

The thing I love most about Disney movies is the good guys always win and everyone lives happily ever after.  These themes reflect Walt’s belief in a magical world where dreams really do come true. That theme is what my business was built on.

I believe we live in a magical world and your dream really can come true.

Many dreamers I work with want to believe their dream can come true, but unfortunately they’ve had so many things happen in their life that have led them to believe otherwise. They run low on possibility thinking and question whether they can accomplish what they dream of.

It’s not really that they doubt their dream can come true, they doubt whether it can come true for them. Their self-limiting beliefs have taken over and it causes doubt and behavior that does not support their dream. They have tried and failed many times, a pattern of starting, striving and then crashing or giving up.

The good thing is while they have fear, they also have courage.

Yes, you can have both at the same time. No matter what may not be going right for a dreamer, they have the courage to be daring. It’s that courage that drives them to try for their dream again and again.

Fear is not something we are born with, it’s taught, learned over time. It’s a belief given to us by others and it’s a way of thinking that will never serve you in your dream work. Some fears won’t come out until you’re closer to reaching a threshold. That means the closer you get to the next step or level in your dream work, the more probable it is that a limiting belief will rear its ugly head.

Learning how to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs is a vital part of the dream work process.

They’re sneaky, manipulative and conniving with an agenda that does not serve your progress or happiness. Much like a villain in a Disney movie, they mislead you or trick you into a trap that keeps you from your dream. But like every great Disney movie, there is a happy ending for you-all you need is the courage to pursue your dream.

Dream work is not about being sensible, playing it safe or being realistic, like Walt has proven, it’s living with the belief that anything is possible and daring to do whatever it takes to make it happen! At Big Dream Awakening, anything is possible for YOU and I’m here to help you make it happen.