Are there things in your life you wish could pull a ‘Bewitched’ and wiggle your nose at to make them disappear? If only it were that easy, right?

Most people scramble through, doing and doing, all while loading more on their plate. Most of what’s on their plate doesn’t matter, it’s not going to bring them closer to what they want to see in their life.

➡️➡️➡️Does this feel like you?

Most likely you’re pretty clear about what you don’t want. It’s obvious when you don’t want something – it eats at you, frustrates you and the thought of it makes you cringe or want to run away.

Unfortunately, wiggling your nose won’t do a damn thing for creating more space, time and energy for the things you enjoy and really want to see in your life.

So what will get it done? Where should you start?

👉🏻🚫📝Start by creating “A Don’t Want List”.

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Step 1: Take inventory.
Go through your life, your home, your relationships, your garage, your office, your kid’s rooms, your thoughts, your diet, etc.

Write down everything that drains your energy when you look at it, or even think about it, whatever you can’t stand or don’t want. Your thoughts about any of these things are just as draining. If you feel “ugh” or a heaviness about a thought you have often, it goes on the list. (self-doubt, negative self-talk, etc)

Pay no concern to how many things are on the list, no worry to how some of the “bigger, heavier” things will disappear from your life. This step is about identifying what you don’t want in your life. What is taking up space and draining your energy.

Step 2: Get to work!
This is important – start with the EASIEST thing on your list. This is about building momentum not tackling the biggest, hardest thing first. Once you’ve selected the easiest thing to take care of, decide when you can address it.

Take care of it-as soon as possible. There’s power in action. You’ll get a rush when it’s finally handled. As you cross off each item, your brain releases chemicals that build your self-esteem. For the more time consuming items, (like cleaning your garage, losing weight, etc) block time on your calendar in advance to knock those things off your list.

As you examine what is NOT working and what you DON’T want – keep in mind it is only for housekeeping reasons, so you can eliminate it.

🗑In order to get what you DO want, you must eliminate what you DON’T want.

Success does not flow into clutter, new ideas do not flow into a chaotic mind and new opportunities do not manifest if the Universe observes you are too overwhelmed or disorganized. There’s just no room.

💡Even if something amazing is sent your way, you probably wouldn’t notice it anyway.

When there’s no room in your life emotionally, physically or mentally, there’s no chance of fresh energy flowing in. The opportunities that do come your way risk failure, or worse, if they’re not aligned with what you want, they only bring burden.

A very important step in creating your dream as your life is to eliminate what you don’t want to open up space and energy for things you DO want.

✴️You can use this energy tool anytime you feel overwhelmed, flat or out of control. I’ve used it for years and I will continue to. It’s helped me clear out the mental and emotional clutter as much as the physical clutter. It helped me spark my passion and it will help you too.

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Nicole, Your HSP Bestie xo

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