When I was a little kid I loved to play. And I was cool all on my own, but it was so much more fun when I had a special friend to do silly things with.

I’m no different today.

I see you over there. Trying to cram one more thing in your busy day. And I totally get it. Hand raised HIGH, I’m guilty too.

We work and work. We get very serious about the long list of things we need to get done. Because we have dreams, things we want to accomplish.

🛑But all work and no play makes for a very tired soul. You feel lost, detached, unemotional and rigid in your routine.

Where’s the fun in that?

👉🏻🎉Play is the gateway to vitality and the activator for passion and creativity. It just feels good.

It also:
🎉Generates optimism and feeds the soul
🎉Makes perseverance and dream work fun
🎉Gives the immune system a bounce
🎉Promotes a sense of belonging and community.

So I guess the question is….

Will you come out and play with me?

Let’s get our fun vibe rockin’!

✅It’s time to join me in The Happy Place for Highly Sensitive People Facebook Group. Where we take fun to a whole new level.

Your soul is ready to come out and play and you are too! Your people are waiting!

See you there!

Nicole, Your HSP Bestie xo

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